Things I’m Reading this February

One of my readers asked me about the things I liked reading. “Why?”, I asked. It was because I apparently have deep vocabulary…and I laughed. Lol. Having been writing for most of my life (if teenage angst diary writing counts), I may have been spending most of my time immersed in books and lots of reading. That obviously hasn’t changed up until this day.

And since I’m in the process of spending more time with the written word (aka every night on my last hour before sleeping I am reading…almost a week in now!), thought I’d share a roundup of reads that I’m currently loving for February. Don’t judge; they’re almost all in shades of blue. That was definitely not planned. 😛

For Research & Inspiration
  • ABC magazine, because I’m working on a new book! (In case you’re asking…no upcoming issues for ABC magazine. Sorry!) The Student of Life issue is available for PH orders here and for US orders here.
  • Uppercase Issue # 34, which is all about the thing I love most: travel.
  • See The World, a little gem I found at Strand Bookstore in New York
  • Artists, Writers, Thinkers, Dreamers by James Gulliver Hancock: a visual account of prolific people’s favorite things and a quick summary of the lives they’ve lived. Always loved James Gulliver Hancock’s work (I have his “All The Buildings in New York” book) so this is an instant fave.
For Future Trips
  • Lost in New York City. I picked this up in Hong Kong last year (at PMQ). Then a few months later, I picked up…
  • 36 Hours in New York and Beyond in Bangkok. Haha! All in preparation for my upcoming New York stay. Both informative guides on places to see in The Big Apple (one’s offbeat; one’s not).
  • Lost in Berlin was an impulse buy in Basheer. It was the first thing I saw upon entering the store; I couldn’t not buy it (#excuses). But also, I’m thinking of visiting soon so might as well get a copy for future reference.
  • Wreck This Journal (colored edition) Waited six months before getting myself a copy in National Bookstore (yay for GCs!). I know, so stingy. Ugh. Can’t wait to bring this to Tokyo and eventually New York, and all the other places I’ll be in from this year until maybe next.


For Personal Reading
  • My True Love Gave To Me, which features stories from some of my favorite YA authors. Yay for getting this at the NBS Book Binge Bazaar for only P175! Loving “Midnight” so far. Kiliiiig!
  • The Shape of Ideas by Grant Snider. A fellow Capricorn recommended this title so I immediately made my way through Kinokuniya in Singapore and grabbed a copy. First time reading a comic book but omg, this hits so close to home. I bookmarked soooo many pages! It’s too good.
  • The latest issue of Flow magazine. I loved the article on trusting your intuition because it’s so true.
  • Articles on The Everygirl about mental health.

What are you reading this month? 🙂 -A

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