Desk Tour

After eons of attempting to rearrange my desk area, I finally sorted it out!

Here’s the thing: my previous office / room was so tiny that I had to make everything work in a small space. And while I was resourceful enough, I found it really hard to adjust to a new space immediately. But I guess YouTube does know how to fuel inspiration, because after watching videos on workspaces and figuring out a system, I fiiiinally found my own.

Admin Area (left side)

This is where I am most of the time, because I process orders on my iMac and occasionally watch movies during or after work. I put up a drawer to store all my chargers, USBs, memory cards, etc. (aka best purchase from SM ever)

Overall Desk Area (right side)

This is where I do everything else that I don’t get to do with the iMac propped up on the adjacent side of the desk—computations, writing, drawing, journaling, laptop work, etc. Beside it is my Kvissle tray which has kept me organized for the past few months, as this has all my notebooks, journals, receipts and things I need regularly.

I initially had wanted to mount something here but I ended up arranging a wire basket, acrylic drawers from Muji, and selected pens for use on two pen cases (I have more on my Raskog trolley). Now I realize it has made my life much, much easier than putting all my pens here (honestly lessens decision fatigue).

In Progress (adjacent side)

While I’m still waiting for the renovations on my new studio (!) to start, I’m keeping a part of my room to be my office space, albeit a production factory too, lol. I recently bought an Epson professional printer and have set up my Cricut (cutter) and so far, things have been doing well. I still need an extra table to sort out my cutting projects (the countertop table isn’t wide enough for it, apparently) but all in all I *think* this is the most optimal way of setting up my workspace.

I also put up a grid wall here and decided this part could be my curated wall area—I’m proud of this P150 grid wall I bought from Divisoria (my Skadis is going to be for the studio instead) and put it up using Command hooks (#lifehack). My Ipevo desk camera is also here, 

Prior to setting up this area (this was before I went to New York) I really didn’t mind seeing a lot of mess hanging around this desk. But as I slowly rearranged things and cleared out the area, it has become more conducive for me work-wise and I’ve been able to appreciate the space more. It really makes a big difference!

Some things I’ve learned from rearranging my desk:

  1. Functionality always wins—fix your desk based on your workflow / system.
  2. Always clear out one area so you can work there. Make sure it’s neat on a regular basis.
  3. Drawers and organisers are always, always, the trick.
  4. Be resourceful and experiment on different ways to put up elements on your desk—from baskets to containers, etc. 
  5. Having a neat desk is THE best feeling ever. It doesn’t even have to be 100% neat, but neat enough to know it’s been used, and everything is in its place.

Full desk tour in this video: