The ABCs of Hand Lettering is a comprehensive guidebook for beginners in hand lettering. Inside you’ll find a repository of styles you can explore with drawing letters. Learn the basics – from the rundown of art materials, font styles, and the process of turning letters into visual art. Get to see the work of some of your favorite local letterers and type artists. And lastly, check out tips on finding your own style and making your mark as a creative individual in the book.

Publisher: Summit Books | Date of release: June 2015

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The ABCs Book Challenge

About the Challenge

Learn something new & work on your progress with the ABCs Book Challenge. For 21 days, join me for a series of prompts that will hone your hand lettering skills and inspire you to always be creating together with my book, The ABCs of Hand Lettering.

From April 25 to June 20, I’ll be checking your progress via Instagram and sharing quick tips on drawing letters. Feel free to browse the hashtag #ABCsBookChallenge and learn from each other!

  1. To join, create artworks based on the challenge themes posted on my Instagram (@abbeysy).
  2. New themes come in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week, at 8PM Philippine time.
  3. To qualify, upload a photo of your artwork on Instagram, tag @abbeysy & @summit.books, and add the hashtags #ABCsBookChallenge & #ABCsofHandLettering. Don’t forget to include the book in your posts if you have your copy.
  4. Work output can either be in pencil, ink, watercolor, markers – up to you! The more creative, the better.
  5. There will be surprise giveaways and announcements in between the challenges, so don’t forget to share your artworks on Instagram!


DAY ONE: 1 Letter 4 Ways

Using any font from the book, choose your favorite letter and create (4) different styles for that letter. Alphabet can be in serif, sans serif, or script.

DAY TWO: 1 Number 5 Ways

Using any font from the book (or of your personal creation), choose your favorite number and create (5) different styles for that letter. Numbers can be in serif, sans serif, or script.

DAY THREE: 1 Symbol 6 Ways

Choose any symbol of your choice (options: ampersand, exclamation point, ampersand) and create (6) different styles for that letter. Symbols can be in serif, sans serif, or script.

DAY FOUR: Drop Cap

Choose any letter and create a drop cap. Start with a font style, then add patterns and embellishments to enhance your drop cap. Remember that a drop cap is decorative in nature; so share the inspiration behind the style you came up with.

DAY FIVE: Alphabet

Create your own font and draw it from A to Z. Any material can be used – experiment as much as you can. In the caption, share your inspiration behind your design. The more original, the better!

DAY SIX: Nickname

Hand letter your favorite nickname – the more unique, the better.

DAY SEVEN: Hometown

Where are you from? Hand-letter your hometown and share more about your homegrown influences.

DAY EIGHT: Current craving

Let me know what you’re currently craving at the moment! Hand letter it.

DAY NINE: Childhood TV Show

Go back in time and write your favorite childhood TV show. Pay attention to the colors and themes of your chosen show, and adapt it to your work.

DAY TEN: Favorite Pastime

What’s your favorite pastime? Share your me-time ritual through your artwork.

DAY ELEVEN: Coffee or Tea

Are you a coffee or tea person? Which type do you prefer? Create your work inside a coffee or tea cup.


Share your favorite mantra/life quote that you live by.

DAY THIRTEEN: Brush lettered quote

Choose a quote and use the brush letter technique to draw that quote.


Everything starts from drafts. Create sample drafts of your mantra from Day 12. Combine different styles to achieve different layouts.


Choose a line from your favorite book and hand letter it. Challenge: Sans Serif + Script combination only,


Choose a line from your favorite movie and hand letter it. Challenge: Keep your layout in a shape.


May it be a song title, lyrics, your favorite musician – anything goes. Challenge: Keep the colors in one family only.

DAY EIGHTEEN: Positivity

Hand-letter your favorite quote on positivity / any statement that gives you the good vibes.


Channel your inner wanderlust and hand-letter your favorite travel quote using a fineliner pen. Keep it simple.

DAY TWENTY: Quote in Different Language

Hand-letter a quote in a foreign language

DAY TWENTY-ONE: Journal Page

Create a journal page with your hand-lettering. Any topic is accepted. More tips here.


I have no experience in lettering / I have bad handwriting. Can I join the challenge?
Of course! Doesn’t matter where you are in your lettering journey (beginner or advanced) – as long as you have the willingness to try and to learn new things.

What materials are needed?
Any art material you have in your arsenal (ink, markers, pens, watercolours) and a copy of The ABCs of Hand Lettering book.

How long is the challenge?
21 days spread out over 2 months. Don’t worry, we won’t do this every day! Three times a week to maintain your writing habits.

What date/s should I post my artwork/s?
You may post anytime within the week. If you’d like to join me, post a day or two after the daily challenge prompt has been announced (e.g. I posted on Monday, you may post on Tuesday or Wednesday).

I haven’t had time to catch up on the previous prompt. Can I still join?
Of course! I purposely didn’t do a continuous challenge to allot more time for practice. You may follow me on Instagram and check the hashtag #ABCsBookChallenge to track the list of prompts.