Finally Putting Up my Patreon Page

After three years…because I’m a coward!

Looking back, I do know it’s been quite a ride to get to where I am today.

So, yes, in case you missed the title—I finally launched my Patreon page!

After years of making excuses, staying busy with freelance/book/content work, I finally sat on it and worked on my new goals for this platform over the summer. I have the lockdown to thank for this, and my shift to produce content full-time. A multitude of realizations brought me to this decision, and I’m more than grateful for that.

In case you’re wondering what the hell is Patreon?! Please watch the video below:

Getting into Patreon I had envisioned it to be an online art academy where you could chip in as little as $1 or go all out and invest in your creativity by pledging for $50. My focus has entirely shifted into the goal of making art accessible to you, my readers, and to create a space where we can share ideas together and make things happen.

I’ve had more than 10 years of experience in my creative career (5 in experimental mode and 5 more as a full-time job), and with that, I carry with me a lot of advice and knowledge I am more than happy to share with you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you grow in your own way as you venture out into your creative journey.

While working on the tier names, I didn’t know what I wanted to get into—sunflower, coffee, and camera were some of my initial tier names. I had even considered Always Be Creating, Trust the Process, Make Things Happen, which are some of my mantras…but they were too much, lol.

So, being the wordsmith that I am, the idea of Dreamer, Visionary, Maker, Artist, Rookie, and Scholar came into the picture. I loved it—it’s like a section when you’re in class, lol.

Growing up, I actually really didn’t like school. Moreover, it was dreadful for me to show up every day. I have no right to complain as education is such a fundamental part of our evolution as humans. However, as I got older and experienced the world in my own terms, I became more aware of the importance of learning that is done outside of the four walls of school. The learning that you pick up when you discover the world around you, meet people along the way, and develop a sense of self that you can call your own.

This is why I love the idea of being a Student of Life—aptly the title I used for the magazine I published a few years back.

What to expect by becoming one of my Patrons

By becoming one of my patrons, you help me create more content for you to enjoy. Win-win, amirite?

I also get more financial support for what I do. Do you know I earn super little $ on YouTube despite the amount of effort I put out? It’s true—the algorithm is hard and it’s very toxic for me to go after the numbers. I also don’t earn on Instagram anymore because I stopped accepting regular / long-term influencer work (as of this writing, I only work with 1-2 clients in a span of 2-3 months maximum). At this point, I’ve realized that the best way to move forward is to be in a platform where algorithm does not determine your worth as a creator and your work speaks for itself. At least for me, that’s how I envision my Patreon to become in the long run. I have dropped all my freelance work and temporarily stopped working on books because I’ve always wanted to explore both running a shop and creating content full-time this year (and hopefully the next).

Also, you get to chat with me 24/7 as I’m mostly on the platform 🙂 I also give out rewards every month depending on which tier you pick out (all of this is on my page). You’ll also be part of my growing creative community of amazing people who are learning together and discovering their creativity day by day.

The initial pledge of $1 unlocks access to Patron-only posts and Lens (Instagram Stories on Patreon). I mostly share my thoughts, updates, personal feelings and a lot of things you don’t see on Instagram at all. If we’re talking behind the scenes, this is behind the behind the scenes (lol is there such thing?!). Either way, it’s very unfiltered.

If you pledge $3 or higher, you get to listen to my monthly podcast where I share personal recommendations, realizations, and (more) updates. Usually I touch on topics on creativity as well and my experiences as a creative. Still thinking if I should structure it or keep it flexible…

(Sorry you can’t click it, it’s a screenshot 😛 You will be able to access it when you pledge)

If you pledge $5 or higher, you get more stuff. Yay! Some fun rewards include a Digital Download Bundle which you can see below (sample only!).

You’ll also get to be part of my creative webinar every end of the month where topics about creativity and making things happen are discussed. This hour-long session also includes a Q&A and opportunity to chat with you, my patrons.

Here are some topics I’ve came up with for my future months on Patreon.

A new addition is by pledging $15 and up, you’ll be able to read my travel diaries and have a look at my painting process. These cannot be found elsewhere—I realized I have so much stories to share that never make it on the Interwebz. From my extensive travel itineraries to trade secrets on how I make my art, you get VIP access. IKR, cool.

For higher tiers I give access to a video library full of workshops, talks and webinars I’ve conducted in the past. (IKR, cool)

(Also this was totally a RuPaul’s Drag Race reference: The library is now open!)

I also provide a resource toolkit because yes, I’m that person who loves making toolkits. From ebooks, films, documentaries, to Procreate brushes and textures, I’ve got you covered.

The highest tier, $50, enables you to be on a call with me as we discuss your creative concerns. If you need a creative coach to guide you, I’m here for ya! Slots are limited for this one but I promise you I can help you.

Aaand! Below is a breakdown of the curriculum for the rest of year:

If you want to know more about how this works, check out my FAQ page here.

Ready to join me on this creative journey? Support me on Patreon here and let’s Always Be Creating and Never Stop Learning!