Dailies: 02

Hello! Popping in for a few life things. I *told* myself I’d add a couple of snaps on my future posts but okay, I’m moving that to January. Which reminds me, I’m turning 24 in exactly a month. 😮 😐

Anyway, despite that, I was feeling ~bagets~ during Young Star’s prom a few weeks ago. Happy 20th birthday and congrats on the new website! 🙂


(me, channeling a pseudo-Wes Anderson character…I think)

I also shared some things on being a #girlboss, because staying creative ain’t an easy thing – link here.


I’ve always mentioned to most of my friends about how I struggle to put on makeup because my face is not equivalent to watercolor paper…and I’m not so good at contouring. HAHA. So, Maine asked me to write a comic about exactly that.


(View the comic here)

So funny putting all of these random things together. To be honest, the easiest task for me is only putting on eyeliner because it resembles brush lettering a lot. LOL.

Speaking of lettering, I’ve been keeping busy catching up on holiday deadlines + working on a few stuff for the shop. 🙂 ICYMI, we have holiday sets this December + you can download free printable gift tags here. Yer welcz!


Also: I’m slowly activating my YouTube. So yes, more videos in the coming months, also on this blog!

Click here to subscribe, friends. 😀

In more serious things, I’ve announced recently that I will be taking a 2-month break from freelance work. (Don’t worry guys, I’m still here.) Things have been really hazy for me these couple of months, and I feel that I need a little avenue to recharge (aka, work on personal projects / shop stuff).

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

(my “I just finished shooting 10 layouts and this hair bun curl thing is amazing tbh” face)

Sometimes my work-from-home job gets the best of me. There are days that have been terrible and unproductive and I really don’t want to continue having those from time to time. I’ve been slowly trying to recover internally and spend more time with friends to unwind. Hopefully things get better. 🙂


(This milk-flavored soft-serve made me feel #blessedt tbh)

In other news, my second book is a bestseller (again)! Now on its 2nd month. Yep, October, pretty late but anyway. I’m so happy! 😀 Thanks so much for everyone’s support. You know, I’m really happy that at least one book on the list represents the arts & crafts segment (#represent). Let’s keep it at the list as long as we can, yes?



The ABCs of Journaling is available at National Book Store branches nationwide for P350.

(and online!) Visit Shop Abbey Sy to order signed copies.

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Last weekend was amazing in general. I went to Davao to give a talk at Graphicon, a graphic design conference organized by the Davao Graphic Designers Community.

First time to give a talk outside Manila, and super honored to have shared a bit of my process and insights into how I started lettering, becoming a full-fledge artist, and my overall creative journey.

(One of my favorite slides from the talk. Also: new favorite font is Courier New lololol)

With the organizers and co-speakers. It was great meeting everyone in Davao! I hope to be back again very soon 🙂


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Chill Sunday with Tricie by the beach ~ thanks for the company! #bestmanagerever


We’ve been super busy lately at the shop this week fixing orders. SO much orders came in from last week and our Holiday Sets are running out fast. So overwhelmed. Thank you so much! 🙂 Our shop is open until end of December 31 (we’re prolly just closing operations from Dec.24-25, depending on our courier) so you can shop here for your loved ones this holiday season.

BTW, Thanks SPOT.ph for the feature on our gift sets! 😀


Ending this Dailies post with a selfie with my fave baby 😀 Well, I really think Riley isn’t much of a baby anymore, more like a kid with his wisdom and funny antics. And his charm every time I ask him to take a photo with me. Harhar.

It’s funny that I’m finishing this post at 8 in the morning; something I rarely do. I’ve been waking up at 7-8AM this week and it’s good, I guess? Waking up early is always good. 😀

There have been a lot of up and downs in the past months for me and I’m positive that slowly, I’ll get to work on that and make small changes here and there. It’s an exciting time to be alive. I’m really looking forward to staying here for the holidays and not worry too much about deadlines or new projects. I constantly have to remind myself that sometimes, it’s really just okay to take things slowly and pace myself in the process. 🙂

How’s the last month of 2016 treating you?


Holidays 2016 (+ Free Downloadable Gift Tags!)

So, it’s December — the last month of the year. Time flies so fast! I’m popping in to share a few updates in time for the holidays. Don’t forget to scroll down below because I’ve got something special for ya! 🙂


First off, I got to design a limited edition Toblerone sleeve this Christmas! Here’s a peek at how it looks like:


Pretty excited to share my art in the form of chocolate packaging. Who would’ve thought? 🙂 You can get this + designs made by fellow artists Solenn Heussaff, Valerie Chua, Alexis Ventura & Tokwa Penaflorida at selected supermarkets nationwide.

Drop by SM North Edsa next weekend and meet me for an afternoon of art & DIY! #BeMoreImaginative and design your own sleeve with me this December 18 / Sunday / 5PM, at SM North Edsa’s Snack Exchange. See you there! 😀


Heading out to shop for Christmas gifts? Don’t forget to check out National Book Store & Fully Booked for copies of The ABCs of Hand Lettering, The ABCs of Journaling, Stick ‘Em Up Book, and Letters from ABC postcards.22


Of course, if you’d like to check out most of my books + merch, drop by selected SM Stationery stores (inside SM Department Store) and spot the Always Be Creating sign. The ABC Daily Journal, My Lettering Progress Keeper and other nifty art tools can be found there as well.

You can find ABC stalls at SM Mall of Asia, Megamall, Makati, North Edsa, Fairview, Dasmariñas, Bacoor, San Lazaro, Bicutan, Marikina, Sta. Rosa, and Marilao inside SM department store.


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Shopping at Robinsons this December? Purchase a copy of The ABCs of Journaling & Letters from ABC at selected Robinsons Supermarkets & Department Stores and you can get a tote bag or backpack I designed for free! 🙂

rob_promo_ds rob_promo_sp

Promo’s valid until December 31 so do check it out while you’re running your holiday errands. 🙂


Did you hear? We have new things up on the shop! If you want to save yourself the hassle of Christmas shopping, expect us to do the work for you 🙂 Check out our holiday deals:


Get your ideas together with the Create Today set (left), which consists of two notebooks and a handy pouch. And for every purchase of my new book The ABCs of Journaling, you get a free washi tag (right).

For the first time (ever!) we’re introducing two limited edition holiday sets for gifting…because the best things always come in boxes. 😀 Both of these sets cost less than P1000 each so it’s definitely a great buy this Christmas.


Learn the art of hand lettering with the Hand Lettering Set, featuring my book The ABCs of Hand Lettering, nifty art tools, layout worksheets, tote, special bookmark, a notebook, and My Lettering Progress Keeper. Click here to order.


Discover the joy of documenting with the Creative Journaling Set, featuring my second book, The ABCs of Journaling, a box of Letters from ABC postcards, a pouch, special bookmark, washi samples, and more. Click here to order.


Lastly, our tote bags are 4+1. Get 5 pieces for the price of 4. Great deal right? Go get them until stocks last. 🙂

We’ll also add in some freebies and gift tags for you as a bonus for the holiday season. Shop now: shop.abbey-sy.com. We’re open all December. 🙂



Speaking of gift tags…thank you for making your way to the end of this post. Har har har. Congrats! I made three gift tags for everyone to use. Hope this keeps your holiday gifting more fun 🙂 Enjoy! 😀

Some notes:

– All designs are (c) Abbey Sy. You may not copy or reproduce without permission.

– You can find (3) PDF files on the .zip file. Use this for printing on stock paper or sticker paper.

– Do tag me on Instagram @abbeysy when you post about this!


So, what are your holiday plans? Keep me posted! 😀

Always be creating, Abbey 🙂

Singapore Workshop Recap (June 2016)

It’s been a few months since my last trip to Singapore to not only explore more of my favorite country, but also to teach a few classes in between. 🙂 Thought I’d share a photo diary of my experience teaching overseas for the first time — since it’s timely that I’m returning again this November for another series of classes.


The workshops were held at The Letter J Supply Studio, which is part of The Untitled Space, located at 30A Seah Street (it’s near Bras Basah Complex!). Love, love the light and beautiful space.



I’ve never mentioned this (ever), but I’ve always plotted out this goal of teaching overseas (and eventually taking on more international-based work) for the longest time. At first, it felt like such a big challenge; but it was surprising (and awesome, of course!) knowing that I have readers from Singapore!


In normal introverted fashion, I would have shied away from this opportunity, but I guess…teaching is always a refreshing activity. And for the most part, it always feel great to talk about things that are very close to my heart, such as hand lettering. 🙂


The participants got to learn basic lettering, which is the core topic I always teach and further develop every year. The best part about teaching lettering for beginners is getting to use a variety of entry-level materials (which aren’t very intimidating, if you get what I mean) — pencils, fineliner pens, and drawing pens.

Special thanks to our friends from Faber-Castell and Dong-A Philippines for the students’ tools!



Initially we did two classes, but at the last minute, I managed to add a weekday class to maximize my teaching gig. Super thanks to everyone who signed up!





Some of the student’s worksheets (above). So impressed with everyone’s drills and drafts!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Brought a few copies of my book, The ABCs of Hand Lettering, as well as copies of My Lettering Progress Keeper too for the students. 



Students at work. 


It was amazing to see moms, students, scrapbookers, and people from various walks of life get into the hobby of drawing letters. Some students even flew in from Malaysia and Indonesia to attend the class. 

students_work2 students_work3

One of them achievement unlocked moments. Thank you to everyone who attended my classes! Hope you all enjoyed. 🙂

Oh, before I forget, class photos! 😛 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)




A big thank you to Tin for the moral support and documenting the workshops, Joanne of Letter J Supply and Kim for being so accommodating and warm. Until the next! 🙂

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

Speaking of next time, I’ll be flying with Tippy this November for a series of workshops at The Untitled Space 🙂



November 12, 12NN-6PM: Letters & Colors with Abbey Sy & Googly Gooeys (1 slot left!)

Now on its fourth run, this collaborative workshop features lessons on both hand lettering and watercolor. Here, Tippy and I walk you through the harmony of both letters and colors, techniques on painting, creating your own letters, and familiarizing yourself with different mediums. At the end of the class, we hope you’ll be able to find your personal style and develop your own creative lettering habits. Learn more about the Letters & Colors class here.



November 13, 9-12NN: Lettering with Abbey Sy

I’ll be teaching a basic lettering class, focusing on the art of creating letterforms from scratch, formulating your own layouts, and developing different illustration treatments to your alphabets, words, and quotes. This is suitable for beginners, hobbyists, and those who would like to dive more into the art of lettering.


November 14, 1-4PM: Watercolor Doodles with Googly Gooeys

Get creative with drawing, doodling, and using watercolor as a medium as Tippy shares tips and step-by-step procedures on how to illustrate. Learn the basic color mixing process, as well as the various ways you can draw people, animals, and things.


On another note, participants get to order copies of my books and products and I’ll be bringing them to Singapore. Yay! 🙂


Well, that’s it for this post. Looking forward to teaching in Singapore again next month! 🙂 Hope you all have a great weekend ahead.

Always be creating,

Abbey 🙂

Life Lately: (Still a) Work in Progress

Before anything else, thanks Tippy for my headshot 🙂

I just realized I never carried over the Life Lately series from my old blog to this new one. (Why, self?) Anyway, thought I’d share a bit about how life’s been so far on my end. It’s October, and well, usually, at this time of the year I’m supposed to panic. But I’m not, and luckily, I’m at my calmest (less anxious, to be specific) self so far. Is that a good thing? I hope so. 😛

The last couple of months were really crazy, work-wise. I felt like the universe just wanted to test my limits and throw me a multitude of challenges to seamlessly get through it – carrying a stronger sense of being after the storm. That being said, I’m happy that some things never last. And that most of my deadlines are over.

In other news, my second book, The ABCs of Journaling, is finally available nationwide! If you’re wondering what went down during my launch, check it out here. So happy with the positive feedback I’ve received so far about this book. Thank you for the support!


I promised to share more about this book in the coming posts (yes I’m keeping that promise, lol). For the meantime, sharing a few photos from the book 🙂

ibc workspace


So happy to have worked with such talented individuals who made my ideas come to life 🙂 (photos by Pat, and Tippy, styling by Aleyn)


BTW, copies are available over at the shop. Click here to order a signed copy!

I’m relaunching my shop again this October and it’s both exciting and nostalgic. When I started blogging in 2010, I initially ran an online shop selling tote bags and hand-painted items. Six years later, here I am still eventually going back to my entrepreneurial roots with my own published work to boot. Some things never change. 🙂


On another note, I recently shared some insights on Frankly Radio, a new weekly podcast created by Eden and June. One of the founders is my good friend Chiara, and we got to chat about creativity, travel, life updates, and mostly things that led me to become who I am now. 🙂

Some key topics include the importance of traveling, taking calculated risks, documenting your life and why it matters, and a few snippets behind the making of my latest book. I also share my current routine (which is still a work in progress), random facts about me, and a bit about my creative journey over the years. Give it a listen here. Personally, I love listening to podcasts (my faves are The Lively Show, The Great Discontent, Design Matters, and After The Jump), so recording this podcast was really fun!


The lovely people of Eden and June are also giving away copies of my new book and a few merch from the shop! Click the link above to join the mechanics. 🙂

Speaking of merch, I was able to work on a passion project this year: The ABC Daily Journal. I got to create, edit, style, and layout this journal in the way I’ve always envisioned it — and I’m really glad with how it ended up looking like, stitch binding + debossing and all 😛 🙂


This journal is meant for daily entry – it’s undated but numbered (1-31 for 12 months), contains a date/time/location prompt per day (aka #priorities), dotted pages, monthly quotes, and journaling tips. Thank you to IFEX Papers for making this possible! 🙂

I’ve always been keeping track of my dailies through photos / writing / making art, and I’ve been setting a life goal of making my own journal since I was seventeen (haha). I guess timing did its job this time. 😀

We recently released the journal during the SM Stationery Art Fest last weekend. There will be one last leg for SM Stationery Art Fest and I’ll be there this October 15, 11am, at SM Mall of Asia. More details on that soon but I hope to see you!


Quick recap of September involved juggling between attending / being part of events, lazy weekdays (+ watching films in between), and spontaneous weekends with my favorite people. I also got to (finally) focus on collabs that are coming out this year. Yay for personal projects!

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

Earlier today I shot a video using the ABC Daily Journal. I got inspired shooting my journaling videos thanks to Kaila‘s videos on YouTube. I always tell myself I’m short on time but I honestly think that’s just a mindset. Funny though, it rained today but thanks to my trusty camera (bought a new one, yay!) it didn’t look like the rain was pouring like cray in the background. 😀 More on that soon!

If you’ve been following my whereabouts on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter for awhile now, you’d know that my preference for certain colors has really played a part with the work that I put out. That being said, I got to work on a project that ultimately tested my eye for color, illustration, and…making more art, of course! A bit of writing since I volunteered to be the resident editor for this collaborative project. 😀


I got to work with talented artists June Digan & Tippy Go of Googly Gooeys for a book that’s coming out…sooner than you think! 😉



Here are snippets of the work I did for the book. Obviously a sucker for these colors, specifically!

Stick ‘Em Up Book hits stores real soon. Reaaaal soon. I’m so excited to show you what it looks like.

Oh, before I forget, for those based in Cebu, I’ll be visiting your hometown this October 🙂 Hope to see you! Do check out my other accounts to stay updated on events I’ll be part of.

Well, that’s it for now…ish. Here’s to hoping I get to write here more soon. Hope you’re having a great October so far!

Always be creating,

Abbey 🙂

The ABCs of Journaling Book Launch

It’s been quite an overwhelming journey since 2016 started—from simultaneously working on 3 books (yes, I worked on three books this year…I don’t know how I survived either) and freelance projects, shifting my job description to being a full-time artist and author (one year and counting!), fighting my internal battles and mini breakdowns this year, to finding a common ground between work, life, and everything in between. *breathes in, breathes out* 

I feel like I’m constantly sprinting and I just got to settle down as I’m typing this. So surreal, but I guess I’ve really been hustling since the year started. And ironically, I think work has been my vice from the moment I decided to pursue this career. No regrets, of course! 🙂

When I turned twenty three this year, I didn’t wish for anything in particular. I just knew that I wanted to continue taking on work that would involve making art and sharing stories in the best way I can. I’m very grateful to have been given such an opportunity to share a piece of my life through my newest book—which is, very aptly, about journaling.


Last September 10, we celebrated the launch of my second book, The ABCs of JournalingWorking on this book for the whole stretch of this year was quite an experience in itself—a rollercoaster of emotions (and feelings!) came into the creation of this second baby. I think, for the most part, a big portion of who I am and what inspires me has been written on each page. Literally, it was definitely one for the books. 😛

Anyway, while I’m still on cloud nine, I’m rounding up a few highlights from the launch in this post. Enjoy! 🙂


I got spaced out on stage during my first book launch. So I promised to really prepare a little thank you speech this time around. Not expected: sudden influx of tears while talking. *Oops* *Feelings*




Here’s an excerpt from my speech: “I wrote this book so I could find that connection that made journaling into who I have become now. And I hope you will find that connection as well, in the way that speaks to you the most.”


A peek at one of the chapter openers, beautifully styled by Aleyn. 🙂



Obligatory “hold up your book and let’s have a photo!” shot. 🙂


I didn’t expect people to be tweeting me at 8:00AM saying they were already waiting for the bookstore to open so they can enter. *Wew, guys*


This year, I decided to invite one of my dear friends, Kaila, to share the stage with me to talk about our mutual love for journaling. Her YouTube videos are a constant source of inspiration for me and funny enough, we both started daily journaling this year when we got our Hobonichis during springtime. 🙂


I shared some of the things I jot on my journals for both daily documenting and travel journaling. (More tips are found in my book, of course!)



Kaila, on the other hand, shared reasons why she journals, showed a few examples of Kawaii journals from the Kawaii PH team, and kept us inspired with her #HobonichiWithMe videos.

Related post: Kawaii Journaling 101 by Rainbowholic


So happy to be able to share our love for journaling together. <3



After the workshop, I started to sign books. I got to sign over 200+ books. Crazyyy. Super duper thanks to everyone who waited in line and had their books signed. Super appreciate the effort. 🙂

By the way, book signing photos can be accessed via this link 🙂


While the workshop was ongoing, of course, I made sure the guests wouldn’t stay glued to their seats. We set up several stations in the venue to satisfy their journaling needs—a craft station, a flatlay station, and a photobooth to document the day’s memories.


The Craft Station was filled with various materials: stamps carved by Life After Breakfast (thanks, Ale!), paper party c/o IFEX Papers, tools from Faber Castell, washi tapes and pins from Hey Kessy, and stickers from Rainbowholic Shop & Little Miss Paintbrush.



Look at all these amazing drool-worthy craft materials! 😀


flatlay_pins craft_stationflatlay_station

There was also a flatlay station because #priorities! So amazed with the styled shots the participants came up with.
Beside it was a photobooth. I had fun designing the props and backdrop that came with it 😛 Guests were also able to take home a polaroid print from the booth! Definitely journal-worthy. 🙂




Most of my friends have never been to any of my events. So glad that most of them were able to come celebrate! 🙂



Hi Gaby, Maine & Gian!


Some of my friends from college. Missed you all! <3


My readers are the best. Most of them, I’ve already seen at my other events…and it was just great to have everyone gather again at my launch. 🙂


The real reason why I wanted to make this launch possible was because of my readers (you guys, if you’re reading this, lol). Hope it was a fun day for everyone who came!


Most of the thank yous have already been written on the Acknowledgements page of my book. But I’d like to give a special shoutout to the following people who have helped in this journey of making my second book:

My core support system: Tricie, my manager, and Kaila, my good friend; Charmie & Ishi of Summit Books for coordinating with me on the event logistics (and for making my launch requests a reality hehe);


To my core editorial team: Editor-in-Chief Macy Alcaraz, and Art Director Alysse Asilo, as well as my mentor / consultant Jaykee Evangelista (not in photo);teamabc

To Team ABC: Aira, Jean, Elay, Alex, Tricie, Trixie – for being super duper game to help out on the launch;


To my family, for always supporting my endeavours. Pictured here: my cool mom and aunts. 😛


And of course, Shutter Panda, for capturing the beautiful photos, and Gelo Yellow for the video diary (which is coming soon!) – I’m looking forward to see it!

Thank you to my publisher Koko Ko, and to Summit Books, for believing in me;


And most of all, to everyone who have showed their love and support for my second book—


from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you. My heart is very full. <3

May you find joy in reading, documenting, making art, and sharing stories. Enjoy the journey!

Abbey 🙂

Photos by Shutter Panda & Aira Dizon

PS: Recap of the launch c/o Chinatown TV below!

And also, thanks Kaila for sharing your Manila video diary 🙂

New Book: The ABCs of Journaling

If you’ve been following my work for awhile now, it’s no surprise that I have been working on a new book (or books? hmm…), and this is why I’ve been keeping most of this year’s work in secret. I’ve also recently succeeded in beating all of my project deadlines (simultaneously) whilst I’m typing this, so allow me to celebrate for a little bit (worked non-stop from April to August). *confetti*! Lol.

Anyway, I’m excited to announce that my second book, The ABCs of Journaling, is coming out this month! *cue happy tears*

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset Processed with VSCO with a7 preset Processed with VSCO with 9 preset

In this book, I share tips on getting started in journaling, ways on how to document your life, a visual diary of my travels, a showcase of creative journals by artists/writers and good friends Googly Gooeys, Reese Lansangan, Kaila Ocampo, Mikka Wee, Robert Alejandro, Gaby Gloria & Mall Licudine, plus advice on honing your habit in keeping a journal you can proudly call your own.

More than ever, working on this project has become a journey within myself, by slowly unearthing bits and pieces of what I’ve documented over my twenty three years of existence. I realized that my prized possessions are actually the piles of notebooks I keep here at home – written ones, draft notebooks for lettering, random daily dumps of ideas and to-do lists, and my travel diaries.


I’ve spent most of my life chronicled in the pages of my own journals, so working on this dream book project definitely meant the world to me – and I’m excited for you all to see it in the coming days. Special thanks to Summit Books for this amazing opportunity!

Watch out soon as I share snippets of the book and events I’ll be part for the latter part of 2016. 🙂

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Tips on Travel Journaling / Tips on Daily Journaling

For those in Metro Manila, hope you can drop by my official book launch this coming Saturday at National Book Store, Glorietta 1! Apart from the book signing, I’ve prepared a bunch of fun activities for you to take part in during the event day.


Please note that purchasing a copy of The ABCs of Journaling (on that day) will serve as your ticket to the venue. For updates and more info, RSVP here: http://bit.ly/abcsofjournalinglaunch 🙂

Some reminders:
  1. There will be a designated stamp card per guest at the event. This will be accomplished while you visit the different booths at the venue and to ensure everyone can participate in the booths.
  2. Registration starts at 12:30PM, so you may line up early to get a slot. You can enter anytime from 12:30PM to 6:00PM.
  3. The first (30) registrants get an exclusive ABC loot bag with notebooks, stickers and fun goodies inside!
  4. I will be signing The ABCs of Journaling, The ABCs of Hand Lettering and Letters from ABC. You may bring your respective copies during the event and have them signed during your turn 🙂

Below are some of the fun activities and booths at the event:

Processed with VSCO with a7 preset


Stickers by Rainbowholic Shop & Little Miss Paintbrush of Kawaii Philippines will be available at the craft booth (for free!). Have fun decorating with these kawaii stickers and get creative with your journal pages. A preview of the stickers is at the video below:


Stamp game’s definitely gonna be strong with rubbercut stamps by Life After Breakfast PH! We’re also letting everyone use art tools provided by Faber-Castell which will be available at the craft station as well.


Sharing my love for paper is IFEX with their paper goods, notebooks & stationery at the craft booth as well. Don’t forget to drop by their area to get free paper stock and notecards for journaling!


Did anyone say washi? Of course, we’re having washi tapes & button pins courtesy of Hey Kessy available as well. 😀

Typewriter_LSFlatlay Station

Get your flatlay skills together during the event as we’ll be providing props and materials for you to style along with your copy of The ABCs of Journaling, and your journal, of course! Whether you’re looking for a kawaii or a vintage themed flatlay set-up, we’ve got you covered. 🙂


Above: Just some of the props you’ll get to use at the station (yes, including Letters from ABC postcards!)

Photo Booth

To cap it all off, have your photo snapped at the photo booth for a day worth remembering. Of course, we’re having polaroid prints for you to take home!


Journaling Workshop

Take part in the creative journaling workshop where I will be sharing tips and advice on how to start documenting your life. The first (30) who register get to score a seat at the workshop area.

Last but not least, of course, I’ll be signing copies of my book from 3PM onwards. I’ll sign until 6PM / the event ends.

Hope to see you! Two days to go, aahhh! <3

Photo Credits: Googly Gooeys, Pat Martires (styled by Aleyn Comprendio), Kaila Ocampo

Manila Hits + Nayong Pilipino Sketchwalk

Hello! Today, I’m rounding up a post on Manila because after several En Route posts (which consisted of travels abroad), I realized I have several photos of my hometown which I never (ever) got to share on my blog.

Funny how I grew up being a Manila girl (I studied in Saint Jude Catholic School & De La Salle University-Manila). I used to spend most mornings having breakfast at Binondo (so much for being a Filipino-Chinese) and running errands with mom before class, but with all the work I’ve been doing recently, that hasn’t been possible in a very, very long time.

This year though, I’ve been blocking off days visiting Manila. Oddly enough, I like the rarity of it all. Now that I seldomly go there, it seems to bring out more charm and personality than what I remembered it to be.


Went to Intramuros last summer for Design Week Philippines. It was charming and brimming with historical wonder – especially for someone like me who doesn’t frequent this part of Manila.



Alessa introduced us to Silahis, a local crafts store (which was full of amazing things!) during our ocular. I ended up getting a vintage map and other ephemera. 🙂


Photo 17-04-2016, 7 12 32 PM

Last April, I was able to hold my first sketchwalk as part of Design Week Philippines’ activities. Had fun sharing my knowledge on sketching to students during that afternoon. 🙂


A month after DWP, I was tapped by Parkfest PH & Nayong Pilipino to draw on a kalesa – one of the many fun and interesting projects I got to work on this year.



Making the kalesa was definitely an experience for the books. More on that soon when I get to update my portfolio 🙂

Last Friday was my day-off this month (okay, half day-off). I had 2 deadlines to turn over and I was panicking over morning stress BUT let’s not talk about that. I went on a field trip to Nayong Pilipino and a quick sidetrip to National Museum.NP

Of course, we had to say hi to my kalesa there. 😀


The area, located at Rizal Avenue (behind Rizal Park), is a huge space filled with trees and lots of places to look at art (we still have our installations there) and take in some quiet time in the midst of a bustling, busy city.

We ended up spending a few minutes sketching from a hanging bridge (yep). I realized I haven’t sketched in a really, really long time after working on several deadlines. *gasp*

My assistant, Jean, in her element.

Me, in my element. Lolz. (Thanks achie Koko for zee photos!)


A quick sketch I did from the view I saw. I did an ocular around the area for my upcoming sketchwalk (more details at the end of this post!) and I’m pretty excited to show you guys around the park.


After walking around NP we decided to walk the opposite road and head to the National Museum. Entrance is free (yay!) and it’s good to know that more people have taken interest in visiting museums in Manila.


I really like Amorsolo’s work so I always enjoy visiting the hall where his sketches are exhibited (above). There are surrounding buildings as well (which we didn’t get to visit but I hope to, soon) that are more specific on the types of exhibitions (Planetarium, Museum of the Filipino People, etc).


Closing time light. I love the architecture! I hope next time the museum would allow sketchers to draw inside the museum though.


I was dead tired after that day, but something about walking along the streets of Manila reminded me how much I really like living here despite the craziness and chaos. 🙂

Anyway, as I was saying, I’m having a sketchwalk!

Some notes:

  1. We will be walking around the Nayong Pilipino park complex.
  2. I will be sharing tips on sketching, using watercolor, and finding your personal drawing style.
  3. Participants must have a background in sketching or drawing (not necessarily advanced).
  4. Please bring an umbrella, towel, and extra shirt as the venue is open-air.
  5. A waiver will be sent out as part of the workshop.
  6. Entrance fee is part of the workshop fee already, and all materials + snacks will be provided.

That’s about it! Hope to see you there. Click here to sign up. 🙂

Have you been to Manila? Let me know what place/s you’ve visited. I’d love to know in the comments below!


Life Lately + Creative Talks / Art Sale 2.0

Hi, internet! I’m alive – well, sort of. Anyway, I have a few stories piled up so here’s a post on how (hermit) life’s been so far.


I’m working on two thesis-levels projects for the year (more on that soon). On one hand, I’m dying; on another, I’m grateful that I seemingly and diligently get by with my deadlines…so far. That would also explain why I rant about writing – I’ve always been insecure about my writing (I can only write for myself) so I can say my skills are being tested here. ~Wew~


Above: Snippets from travel spreads I’ve been working on. It was no easy feat; but I had loads of fun doing them!

Below: Shoot day for said project. Thank you to my awesome team for pulling it off! I’m so glad I got Aleyn to style the shoot too. She’s brilliant!

Photo 19-05-2016, 3 17 18 PM


My favorite layouts were the “ephemera” flatlay (left) and shooting this collage of photos from my travels (right). So much nostalgia in one photo.



I’m so happy Kaila came over last week. I’ve been missing our bonding sessions ever since I came back from Japan last April. We finally got to spend a day together despite our busy scheds while she’s on vacation in Manila. We spent the afternoon working and we had a fun washi swap session together with Koko at night. 🙂 Yep, that washi stash up there is pretty intense!


Last Friday, my neighbor and best friend Den surprised me with this tent set-up. I only told her “Hey let’s have a tita night and catch a 90s film together, are you game?” and then she does this hipster camp inside her bedroom…a bit similar to our camping days when we were younger. Some things never change. Haha.


I had to work last weekend for a class. It was fun, though! These students were super game and I loved their energy. Until the next #LearnbyABC workshop!

You can check out the new schedules for July & August at: bit.ly/learnbyabc2016 🙂



Speaking of events, I’m painting on a kalesa this week as part of Parkfest PH. The event will be at Nayong Pilipino (Orchidarium beside National Museum) on May 28-29. Hope you could come! The team is aiming to restore Nayong Pilipino and revive it to make it a go-to park again. 🙂

I’ll be there on May 28 so if you’d like to meet me, drop by!


Art Sale Collage (5 x 5) with band (1)

In case you missed the first ones (we had our first Creative Talks last April and Art Sale earlier this May), we’re having a fun-filled day of both these events!

Catch us on June 15, 2-8PM for the Creative Talks + Art Sale 2.0 at Pi Breakfast and Pies, The Grove. Event is absolutely free.

Here’s the schedule:


PRE-REGISTER at bit.ly/CreativeTalks

Topics & Speakers:
– Abbey Sy on Finding Your Passion
Alessa Lanot on Finding Creativity
Tippy Go on Finding Your Style
+ special guest June Digan who will share her creative process.

6-8PM: ART SALE 2.0

Score pre-loved materials and starter kits from your favorite artists! We’ll make sure to have enough for everyone 🙂

Anyway, that’s it so far for updates! Hope you’re all enjoying May so far. We’re halfway through the year already, time flies 😮

Best, Abbey