I’m Abbey Sy, an artist and author from Manila, Philippines. 

There are two things I love the most: art and travel. As an artist, I illustrate and create work that communicates through hand-drawn letters and illustration. As an author, I have written books on lettering, journaling and creativity in general. I also produce content on my YouTube channel and manage my shop.

travel extensively as part of my inspiration-hunting process. I feel most alive when I am in transit or exploring a new city. I love documenting my trips through journaling, mostly in analog form. My curiosity for the world around me keeps me on my feet; whether it’s studying abroad, taking up an art residency, or simply traveling for vacation. I am constantly restless and looking forward to the next artventure.

My mantra is Always Be Creating—and it has always been at the core of what I do. From creating art, setting goals, getting from point A to point B, to producing content that is worth sharing, I am always finding ways to inspire others to live a creative life.

When I’m not busy drowning myself in work (I’m a Capricorn, so yes, I work a lot), I like to binge on Netflix, read about tarot and astrology, or geek out on historical events. I’m also a Swiftie, a Potterhead (#TeamRavenclaw) and occasionally play the guitar because I wanted to be a musician in an alternate universe. Mustard yellow is my favorite color, but all my things are millenial pink (I’m confused too).

Oh, and before I forget—I’m an INFJ, Capricorn sun-Libra moon-Pisces rising twenty-something who is trying to figure out the rest of her career through several crisis episodes. Did I also mention I used to work in Advertising? Well, now you know. 

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Clients and Collaborators

Selected Freelance Clients: 

Summit Books, Rockport Publishers USA, Workman Publishing, Havaianas Philippines, Toblerone Philippines, Jo Malone Philippines, Hallmark USA, International Fine Paper Exchange, Candy Magazine, Preview Magazine, Nestea Philippines, Sandbar Dry Bags

Content Partnerships: 

Caran d’ Ache, Faber-Castell (Germany, Philippines, Singapore, USA), Fujifilm Philippines, L’Occitane Philippines, Moleskine Philippines, National Book Store, Skillshare

Selected Talks & Workshops

  • Graphika Manila (2018)
  • TEDxYouth@SJCS: Inspiring Passion (2017)
  • Design Week Philippines (2016, 2018)
  • TEDxUPM: On Life and Lettering (2015)
  • Philippine Readers and Writers Festival (2015-2018)

Interviews and Press

Published Work


  • Always Be Creating: A Field Guide to Living a Creative Life
  • The ABCs of Hand Lettering
  • The ABCs of Journaling
  • Hand Lettering A to Z: A World of Ideas for Drawing and Designing Alphabets
  • Hand Lettering A to Z: Workbook
  • The Complete Photo Guide to Hand Lettering and Calligraphy

Publications, etc

  • ABC Magazine: Student of Life
  • Letters from ABC: 52 Postcards from A to Z
  • Stick ‘Em Up!