Midyear Journaling System + Updates

Can’t believe I’m typing this on the last day of June, like…it’s JULY TOMORROW? HOW

Anyway, here we are, and there’s no turning back!

In this post, let me indulge you with my geekery with journaling in general. The past six months proved to be an experiment in what worked for me and what didn’t.

Actually, if you’ve watched my videos, you’d know that I’m not the stick to one kinda gal. Not because I have commitment issues (LOL), it’s just that I’ve never been a creature of habit. Let’s say, okay I may have used Hobonichi regularly but this year, I went to the extremes by using an A5 size.

Size matters, people. It changes the way I journal entirely. No kidding. Anyway, let’s get onto the program, shall we?

Planners I’m (still) using this year:

  1. Everyday Explorers Co’s Let’s Be Explorers Planner is still something I use daily for work tasks. It went on hiatus for like two months, and that’s mostly because the shop was closed and I didn’t have any immediate projects due. Now it’s back in full force. Yay!
  2. I’m also using Hobonichi Weeks but I never take a photo of it because it’s for my personal log. Yes, that’s still full of random information like “today I started watching Dark on Netflix” or “today I learned how to make a GIF on Photoshop” because you gotta celebrate the little wins, amirite or amirite?!

Journals this year:

  1. I’m starting a new copy of the ABC Daily Journal. It’s a journal I produced way back—like 2016, in time for the launch of The ABCs of Journaling. I used two of these and decided to get a new copy from my inventory (lol the perks of owning a shop) to use it more for personal writing. I’ve been looking into writing more these days, and not collage / creative journaling—just straight up writing. So I hope to exercise that by journaling daily—maybe every night?

2. I’m still using my Hobonichi Avec in A5 size / Techo—cracking open a new journal for July to December is VERY satisfying. I’m pretty happy with it. As I mentioned, it’s always been my creative experiment journal—sort of like a canvas bound together in a book. Check out my video below for a peek inside:

Since we’re here, I’m also sharing the July prompts for the #2020CreativeJournalingChallenge—we have over 1,000+ posts and counting! Check out all the awesome journal spreads and inspiration over on Instagram.



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