Easy Art Projects To Do At Home

Hello! It’s been awhile—almost a month here already since the quarantine started and while I’ve been busy with work, I’ve also been busy experimenting and using my art materials here at home. I mean, it’s a no brainer as I’ve been constantly rearranging things and finding ways to be more creative and work on things for myself. Today, I’m sharing some easy projects you can do at home to stay creative during this time. [Watch the YouTube video here!]

Practice Brush Lettering

Nothing like brushing up on your skills, amirite? Take this time to practice brush lettering. It’s often overlooked how mastering your strokes is not something you can do overnight. As you work on your drills, you’ll also be able to find different techniques and ways that you can play up on your brush lettering further (there’s not just one style—there are many!) and use it to enhance your skills.

Looking for worksheets to practice with? I have them available at my digital shop—click here to purchase.

Decorate your notebook cover

Jazz up a blank notebook cover with stickers, stationery, and lettering. Simple, easy, and very DIY-friendly. You will need a blank notebook, stuff from your journaling stash, scissors, tape and glue to combine everything together.

Create a collage on your journal

Got nothing to do with old magazines, newspaper, booklets and scrap paper? Use everything up and create collages on your journal. Lately I’ve been diving into collage—it’s such an interesting way to decorate your journal pages and uses a lot of “editing”, by picking out elements from already existing material and making it your own. Looking for more collage kits? Check out Rookie’s archives (for printing). It’s a gold mine!

Paint your own postcard

Keep it simple with a postcard! Use your postcard-sized watercolor paper or excess stash (aka the ones you cut up from extra pieces from your last painting sesh) to paint works of art. May it be inspiring, uplifting, or simply a form of self-expression. The possibilities are endless. You can use watercolor, gouache, or mixed media. Collage, too! Because why not?

Making your own bookmarks

Cut up your watercolor paper into bookmark sizes (or cut up the postcard sized one in half) and whip up these easy bookmarks aka the perfect partner to your dog-eared books (guilty!). Since watercolor paper is around 300gsm, it works well as a bookmark. Play it up with patterns, lettering, or doodles and you’re good to go.

What creative topics are you keeping busy with this month? Take care and stay safe!

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