January 2020: A Roundup

It’s been a month since the year started, and I’ve been easing into February with more work—so while I’m in this transitional phase of figuring out my next batch of work for the following week, let me just type this out first and share with you some of the things I’ve been consuming last January.

There have been quite a handful of films I’ve been meaning to watch in recent months, so it was time that I *finally* get to watch them.

Miss Americana

Taylor Swift’s heartfelt documentary on her career evolution hit me hard. I’ve been a fan since Teardrops On My Guitar and seeing her flourish in her music, as well as learn to face the adversities that crossed her path is admirable. I am so happy for her now, since she’s in a better headspace (and I didn’t realize she was *that* skinny before, omg? scary). I particularly loved the songwriting videos! I binged most of them on YouTube during the time Reputation came out. Oh, and I will say this: Taylor Swift’s concert was easily the most memorable one I’ve watched in my life.

Jojo Rabbit

Not sure how I found out about this…I think it was when the Oscar noms came out. Either way, I like a good satire, and I missed listening to an English-German accent (wait, is that how it’s said? Or anyway…basically Germans speaking in English). First of all, some parts were very Wes Anderson (especially the Hitler Youth Camp portrayal), and then this adorable bond between Roman Griffin Davis (Jojo) and Archie Yates (Yorki), as well as the captivating Thomasin McKenzie and ScarJo’s quirky but mysterious character. Rebel Wilson was a funny addition, too. 10/10 would watch again—actually watched it twice in a week!

Also: director Taika Waititi’s TEDxDoha talk was fun.


Much to my expectations, this was a heavy drama that I *literally* went straight to watching Carpool Karaoke videos after before hitting the sack. I watched The Wizard of Oz late last year on an open cinema event in Singapore, then I did a Google—THEN I found out about the tumultuous childhood and life Judy Garland had. Prior to that, I only knew of her because of RuPaul (which makes sense: she is a gay icon and supposedly the catalyst of the Stonewall Riots). So it was eye-opening to see this film, having known the background of her life already. Ultimately heartbreaking, but also worth a watch. Renee Zellweger was spectacular.

Ever since discovering Harry Styles’ crosswalk musical that night I watched Judy (one thing led to another, really), I went into an obsession with my ex crush (LOOOL). I used to gush over Harry during my Directioner fandom days (I still am, but I guess I’m not as crazy as before—BUT I still listen to 1D’s discography like twice a month) so his new album Fine Line is SO GOOD. I personally didn’t like his self-titled one (although Kiwi is a fave), so this pop vibe is something I like from him. But wait, there’s more: yes, I watched all his interviews (he loves I’m Every Woman by Chaka Khan and I’m SOLD!), his music videos, I replayed Adore You’s MV so many times (that fish though, I love the concept, so Aquarius), I watched Late Late Styles…the next thing I want is to watch him on tour. Hahaha

For now, here’s his album. My personal favorite is Treat People with Kindness, but Watermelon Sugar, Golden and Adore You are always on repeat.

In Netflix-related things…yes I have been glued to my Netflix since Sex Education season 2 came out last January. I finished it in one day, felt so empty, then rewatched season 1, then now I want to rewatch season 2 again. LOL.

Sex Education

Never knew I’d actually press play on this but it’s quite the awkward, quirky yet humor-filled coming of age series that I needed to watch. I love all the characters and their own narratives, and I love the story that unfolds on every episode. I’m patiently waiting for season 3! Plus points for the beautiful locations where they shot the series (Wales, I think?) as well as the color grading, the outfits! and basically everything else apart from the story and actors. *Chef’s kiss* Also their accent. I watched so much of their interviews too. Hahaha.

Orange is the New Black

Don’t ask me how I picked up this series because I honestly have NO IDEA either. The first few episodes were steady…then suddenly it was like whoa. My college best friend told me she watched it, so at least I have someone to talk to about it! It’s a very interesting look inside female incarceration—I’d say I felt more woke (ugh, this word lol) after watching this. Suddenly my world opened up to so many other things. I’m on Season 4 now, and started watching this late last year every morning in Berlin. My personal favorite episodes are the ones on the prisoner’s back stories. So much depth and emotion that it literally draws you in.

Last but not the least.

Terrace House

Kaila got me into watching TH and I was initially like “hm what is this” and then two episodes later…I could not stop watching. I didn’t think Japanese doing mundane things would interest me so much (my favorites are when they cook dinner and I’m just like…I WANT TO EAT TOO) but, well, they are interesting. I love seeing the friendships unfold, analyzing the dynamics between the housemates, and figuring out their next move. I know it says it’s R-18 and it’s all about dating, but honestly, there’s more to it than the love part. I personally loved seeing the ambitious housemates that come in (literally cried when one of them left…huhu) and seeing their drive and passion.

But anyway, this is a very intriguing and highly debatable show (sometimes I’d scroll Reddit JUST to get more out of the show). The latest part of the latest season isn’t on Netflix so I’m relying on a (reliable) Facebook page to feed me the weekly episodes while Kaila and I discuss after watching, lol.

Not sure where or when I mentioned this, but it was only later in life (I think 2017? 2018?) that I got into watching films and series in general. So it’s surprisingly cool (I guess?) to see my tastes evolve and my interests do change over time. But I still am very much fascinated with how people think and come up with these ideas. It’s amazing.

What’s on your roundup list last January?

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