En Route: A 2019 Photo Diary

What used to be a regular routine of me writing in transit has lost its fire. And while things have transpired in the course of what my blog column had become over the years, I found myself organizing my travel photos from this year—something I rarely do, considering I have quite a backlog of images to review from the life-changing trips I’ve had this 2019. Photography has always been a go-to creative outlet—for me it’s more than just hitting the shutter button. My eyes look at things that establish itself in the shots I create; at some point my brain already knows what images are going to come out. Some snapshots were captured on film, some on digital, but nevertheless, they are one in the same a moment preserved in time.

So, in true Tumblr fashion, below is a visual diary of my 2019, summarized in cities I’ve explored, people I’ve met, experiences I’ve had, and memories I’ve created.

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