The First Ever PaperCon: A Recap

Sometimes I still can’t believe that PaperCon actually happened. I clearly remember talking it over last March with Koko and CH over xiao long baos (peak Asians, really) and it was merely an idea they had been brewing for years. Months later, we started to actually get to work. And personally, apart from the daily stress that it incurred, it was undeniably one of the fun parts of this hulabaloo I call my “job”.

Last October 5, hundreds lined up outside the entrance while we made sure the ingress was going well inside the venue—and by 10AM, the booths were flocked with stationery lovers who are up to get first dibs on their favorite makers’ new merch and releases.

I was one of those booths—and we were totally floored. As I’ve been running the shop since early this summer, there wasn’t really any opportunity to join an art fair that catered to just paper, so it was *time* to actually pioneer the idea and make it a reality.

Our shop got two booths, because based on my previous Design Festa experience, one table is not enough to display all my products. Definitely enjoyed putting this up, since I love the color scheme.

Best part of PaperCon is also Kaila coming home to host a workshop and having two booths as well! Thanks always cappy for the support <3

The afternoon swung by so quickly; I held a travel journaling workshop and had a minor anxiety attack before that (long story short, my stuff got lost and up to this day, I have no idea who has it!) but it went well. Thanks again to everyone who attended!

We had over 1,400 attendees that day—WAY beyond our expectations. From our end, it really did take a village—special thanks to all our volunteers for all your hard work that day!

And of course, so so grateful to the PaperCon core team—Chief Logistics Officer Koko, Events Head Rica, and Chief Creative Officer CH! (I’m Chief Marketing Officer lol). It has been a breeze to work with these folks and probably one of the more fulfilling things I’ve helped organized in quite a while.

Special thanks also to our sponsors and partners: CraftEasy, Belle de Jour Power Planner, Digistamps PH, Key Coffee, and our swag partner Papemelroti. And of course, to all the merchants who were so game to apply and take part in our first run. Thank you for trusting us and we hope you enjoyed as much as we did (and I hope you made a lot of sales? hehe!).

On that note, see you next year!

Until then, make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates.

Select photos by Ber Garcia

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