Your New Creative Toolkit is HERE

YOU GUYS. I’m so excited to finally share about The ABC Toolkit.

[EDIT] Access it here!

This felt like such a long time coming—because I’ve always been working on so many other things that the one thing I have right in front of me is you guys. And you all deserve the best, of course!

As someone who’s been super inclined to sharing my process, talking about things that interest me (particularly letters, journals, and traveling), and basically giving you guys a gist into my creative life and work, it was high time this toolkit was to be released. Now, before you go, “Oh, this is another ~newsletter~, whatever, I’m out”–let me share what you’ll get when you subscribe to my newsletter.


Once you sign up via and type in your e-mail, and subsequently confirm your subscription and make sure you’re 100 human (this is crucial, lol), you get a welcome e-mail with a private link to access 6 resources from my toolkit: lettering worksheets, journaling prompts, a free font (!), mobile wallpapers, a photo editing cheat sheet, and a travel zine that I’ve been working on for aaaages. But that’s not all—this ABC Toolkit expands every month. Think of it as unlimited resources that you get to access for FREE. Sound good? But there’s more.


Every week, my name appears in your inbox. Think of it as a slight nudge into tapping in your creative juices to make things, or get inspired. I share what I’m up to, some thoughts, recommendations, and most of all, advice YOU need as a creative in order to keep going.

A fair warning though: I write a lot, and I love sneaking in some Taylor Swift or astrology references. Lol.


As I expand my newsletter in the next few months (I’m just on my first week!) I will be opening Q&A sessions and invite YOU to take part by sending questions, inquiries, and topics we can discuss. This is a community, and I am not your leader–I’m more of that big sister or naggy friend you’re accountable for in terms of creative work. I’m not one to be pushy, so embrace your pace and just follow along to get yourself into the ~mood~.

I’m so excited for you to be part of this community. Sign up for the ABC Toolkit NOW and always be creating!

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