2019 Journals So Far

I just realized I didn’t write about my 2019 Journaling System here. Oops. 

For context, you can watch the video below before I start putting out my thoughts on each journal I’ve used so far.

Every year is always an experiment for me, not just with life in general (lol) but also with the journals I use. It really makes a difference when I get to use notebooks that function best for my needs (omg, this is peak geeky, but you get the point).

Last year, I shared about the journals I used in this post. Needless to say, these all didn’t turn out *exactly* as planned (pun intended, lol). I ended up using a bullet journaling system and it has drastically changed the way I plan my day to day schedules.

Fast forward to this year—I still adapt the same system, but on a different notebook (if you watched the video above, you would know I am using a Field Notes 56-Week Planner for my bujo and work tasks) and I still get the same benefits of having a properly laid out agenda for the coming week.

With regards to daily journaling, I have changed a lot. I used to think I had to journal every day but soon realized this system just wasn’t working for me. It was too forced and it felt like a chore at some point.

Buuuut I gotta say, my past self did manage to pull it off, by using Hobonichi and the ABC Daily Journal (which is available at the shop, btw). I think I did this for a year or so.

Eventually I *tried* to use a lengthwise format and realized it was best for travel journaling (the spreads are so meh, I don’t even have actual photos!). So I tried the Midori MD Diary (A6 size, blank) this year, and well, I liked it; but also didn’t. I didn’t know if I like the size because it’s been half a year and I’m already finished (which means…I have to buy another one).

The way I write now is much more different. From being so detailed about my day to day, I now learn how to filter everything and summarize my week in pages. Some days are just in passing—I had a hard time digesting my daily life knowing that all of it has to be recorded (I sound so paranoid, but I hope you get my point). So I found this *system* to be more efficient for me and my brain, lol.

Apart from my Midori I find my Let’s Be Explorers planner to be my go-to notebook for daily use (I pull this out of my drawer every few hours of the day, lol). It has a monthly overview (which you can see above), as well as a weekly and quarterly one. It’s been the most useful one for me because as much as there are templates and layouts, it’s not too limiting and I get to customize everything accordingly. So of course, mine has lots of stickers and every week I have a color scheme that I follow because #OC lol. The simple joys of journaling, really.

Commitment-wise, though, I’m proud to say that this lengthwise format is still a recurring size for my travel journaling—this is for collage work and scrapbook-style spreads (I still prefer my trusty A5 for sketches and travel illustrations). This size was based off of Traveler’s Factory notebooks for their regular sized fillers, and has been a mainstay in my journaling stash since.

I currently use the Sketchnotes brand because the paper quality is much thicker than TNs (and it’s cheaper!). I’m currently still fixing my Spain travel journal (it’s halfway done) but in case you missed it, I did share a “What’s in My Travel Journal?” video here and the corresponding blog post here.

Aaand before I forget, watch my full review on my 2019 Journals So Far below:

What journals have you used so far?


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