2019 So Far


I’m not supposed to be writing since the website is going to be under construction in a few weeks’ time (and also I have a deadline due this Friday before I fly out for a 2-week vacation), but there’s an empty feeling inside me that made me just want to put something here for the time being. 

One of my good friends told me something along the lines of, “Abbey, I have a feeling 2019 will be a good year for you. You’ve been through a lot, and hopefully things become better this time around.” And that reassurance from someone I really trusted made all the difference, you know?  

For the first time since 2014, I’ve never felt freer. After what felt like years of hard work and perseverance, I’m consciously taking a step back to reassess everything and see what else I can carry over as this year slowly unfolds. 2019 has been interesting so far, because… 

My shop is relaunching sooner than expected 

I had initially thought of renaming Shop Abbey Sy but with everything going on right now (and the demand for my previous books which cannot be found in most bookstores anymore), I’ve decided to launch this earlier and see how things unfold. I also spent February working on new merch (thanks for the responses, you guys! They’re all in production now) so it’s been quite a month. My shop relaunches on March 23, with a new domain: abbeysy.store

I’ve also worked with distributors in the USA, Europe and Singapore (huuu, thanks friends!) so in the coming months, my products will be available in these parts of the world. Can’t believe this is all happening. Honestly, it’s quite a lot of work but moreover, the fact that I can make my books accessible to more people is more than enough motivation to keep doing this. 

Also: geez, how many times will I mention that running my shop is still my first love? If I could do this forever full-time, I would (but let’s not get to that yet). 

I’m moving to a studio 

I know, I know. I moved with my family last June to our new house (which is wonderful, I now realize). My mom had offered the old house to me, and honestly, I didn’t want to take it at first. Initially, I had wanted to work from the attic, but space-wise, it was just too small (I think the space I used up was only 5-10sqm) and with the prior knowledge that I will work on shipments, film videos, and do a lot of administrative work moving forward. 

I was inspired by my good friends Kaila, Val and CH who have their respective studios separate from their rooms. As much as the room I currently have is huge (around 40-50sqm), I had designed it as 20% home office and 80% room. The tables constructed here are generally for my computer and some basic stuff, not designed for a real office. 

So the other day, I randomly asked my mom if she could help facilitate the renovations for the living room. It’s funny because I had just mentioned this last week and as of this writing, I managed to purchase 50% of the furniture needed and have finished my studio layout and measurements table (lol my excitement is above the roof). So this is probably my big project for the year! I can’t wait to see how my mental health will improve once I start working here. I’ll definitely document this journey and share it to you soon.

I’m going somewhere (again) 

I signed up for something impulsively and will be spending a good chunk of the year out of my comfort zone (again). I have not thought this through (except booking flights + renting apartments lol) so it’s definitely going to be quite an adventure I’m setting out to do for myself. I’m more than excited. Anything that requires me to do painful growth is always necessary and beneficial. 

I’m learning to decide on my own 

I spent most of my career having someone help me make decisions. I know how useful this is, but in essence, developing a sense of trusting myself has been ultimately the hardest thing I’ve had to learn to do over time. It’s because I never believe I am good, and my confidence level is always, always, always going down (don’t ask; I really have problems in this department). 

So now I am left with no choice but to believe in myself. This is the hardest challenge ever but better to work through the cracks now than let it pile up later. 

I’m finding ways to connect with you, my readers, more 

You can find me updating regularly on YouTube but in the coming months, I will be active on Patreon (targeting sometime in May). I’m looking for another platform that I can provide more quality content (because let’s be real, Instagram’s algorithm sucks and Google Adsense hasn’t verified me on YT, so in short I *still* don’t earn anything). Everything’s still a blur now because it will depend on the project lineup and my energy to do work while I’m away. 

I’ve been through 3 years of toxic work habits and I’m now becoming more aware of how my energy works and how I can better create content that would benefit you, my readers. What would you like to see from me? I know I have books put out, but I am more than willing to share more insights and teach more as long as it is needed. If you have ideas you’d like to shoot me, e-mail me at hello@abbey-sy.com 🙂

Anyway, that’s just about it. I just really missed blogging. I asked you guys a couple of weeks ago about blogs and whether you still read them and most of you said you did. So hopefully this will still be up for the long haul.  

March is coming this weekend, I hope you have a great month ahead. 


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