2018 Work + Life Updates (New Book, Going to School, etc)


Obviously haven’t really been active writing lately. Even my journal has been abandoned for reasons I will try to articulate once I have more free time. I just had a few sips of rosé post-work day (lol) and thought of putting up something here. Some updates below!

My new book comes out this month

(Tricie shooting the cover! Plot twist: this layout wasn’t chosen haha)

I’ve been working all year on this self-help title that it sort of took its toll on me (quarter life crisis included). But the process itself was such an interesting one that I’ll forever remember in my life. I can’t wait to share more about this when it comes out soon!

Also: this is probably a little good bye gift before I leave this year (for the record, I’ll be back). Hope to see you at the following events in line with my new book coming out:

Readers and Writers Festival, Aug 11: Inspiring the Creative Process. RSVP here.

Book Launch, Aug 25: Always Be Creating (A Field Guide to Living a Creative Life). More details soon!

Since we’re here talking about books, I’ve finally made a video explaining all my lettering books. Take a look at it below:

Settling in a new space

Work(space) in progress 👀

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I mentioned in this post that I moved houses. My new space is still a work in progress. I had to cut coffee and switch to tea (it’s been a week now) in order to sleep before midnight and wake up with full energy; it’s weird. But I like this place, and I’m slowly making it into an extension of myself. Posters around the walls? Check. Books organized by genre (but of course)? Check. Lots of stuff taped on the workspace walls? Check. Now all I need are plants and some flatlay stations to get my work juju going.

My favorite parts of my room are my travel shelf and IKEA cart (which I recently organized). I’m still rearranging other parts because I’m OC like that, lol.

Room tour soon! But if you missed out on my HQ tour series from last time (huhu I miss my old place!), watch them below:

I’m going to school in a month

Did I ever mention that I hated school at some point in my life? The only reason I loved it again was because I got in the Penmanship contest final round in 3rd grade. After failing a couple of Chinese geography exams in 5th grade, I learned the value of putting in hard work to pass and get good grades. So I guess my relationship with academics now is fairly okay. But I’m not going to complain this time because I get to choose the courses (of course I’m getting art courses) and study in a city I love! Aah <3

New York is finally happening. It’s this far-fetched lifelong impossible dream I’ve been keeping since I was a kid. Last year I wouldn’t have even bothered to actually do this (these things really come when you least expect it, I SWEAR) but now that it’s nearing, I can’t help but think about the person I can become in a hundred days. It’s not much, but it’s something! I’m looking forward to discovering the world (also going to all the museums on my bucket list!) and going to school. And taking art classes. And traveling in between. I hope to share a bit about it here soon but I promised myself to not be glued to my phone or worry about my Instagram feed while I’m there (I can’t believe Instagram feed curating is part of my job??? It’s crazy). We’ll see!

Slowly learning to celebrate life


After a wild wave of personal and work-related issues I had to sort out the past couple of months (I can’t even begin to enumerate them; they’re quite a lot), I’ve been feeling much better. I owe this to my doctor (who I’ve been visiting for a year now) and to Aueeie, my life coach. I’ve had two of her sessions (Discovery & Simple) these past few months and it has made me realize two things: (1) I hate myself too much and this self-hate attitude has taken over my life, and (2) I’ve been so focused on what’s next that I keep forgetting how much I’ve managed to get through in order to be where I am.

I always carried this burden of angst from growing up with a mindset that I wasn’t capable of doing things. Well, I’m 25 now, and you know what, f*** it. I’m just going to do things and leave all the emotional baggage behind, because I worked up to acquire this life, and to be this person I am. I’m slowly letting go of my harsh inner critic and giving myself the recognition I deserve.

IDK where I’m headed and it’s ok

I’m taking an indefinite break with work. I feel like I still have decades ahead of me and I’m getting too ahead of myself that I really lose sight of what’s important (and right in front of me). At this point, I’m uncertain with what’s to come. But I’ve given up on anxiety episodes (“seen” remarks on chat included lol) that I’ve decided to, you know, just wing it. My 21 year old self would agree, she was so fearless and open to anything and I wish I could become that person again. I’m still undecided with so many things in life. I just know I want to keep making art for the rest of my life, soooo that’s a start. Lol. Slowly but surely!

Hope your year’s been doing great. See you on the other side, then?

Always be creating,


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