New HQ

Just a quick hello to say that we’ve moved!

After almost two years of planning and construction (I’d like to think it’s my mom’s personal project), I’m so happy we finally got to pack our bags and move into this new house. I have no experience and prior knowledge about moving so this was entirely new to me (also, the fact that I found out a few days before moving that we’re never sleeping at the old house…left me shooketh). What’s more, because of this move, I’ve been learning to destash and get rid of more things (any Marie Kondo fans here? I’m currently reading her book). How ironic is it that I have a lot of storage areas here but I have lesser things already, lol. Oh well. Some things just have to go.

Here’s a photo of me in my very messy space. I know, you’ll probably say it’s not messy. But it actually is! I haven’t sorted out which goes where. I just neatly placed my computer, a few books and my pens in one side while trying to figure out the best layout for my workflow. It’s been more than two weeks that I’ve been staying here, and I’ve cleared out most of the things from my old HQ (which I know we all miss). I’ve yet to sort out my art files and closet at this point.

For some reason, I’ve been enjoying my time here in the new HQ a lot. It’s bright, spacious, and clean. Although it’s not homey yet, I’m still getting to that part. I’m just glad my books have an actual shelf, and I can put up lots of post-its and reminders on my wall (lol priorities). Actually, I haven’t figured out what to do with this space yet since I only have three months before school…and I have plans of living abroad next year. I don’t know. It’s still a work in progress. But most of my life is, anyway, so might as well. 😛

I’ll put up an HQ tour soon, I just need a few more weeks to settle in. Here’s to change—the good kind. 😃

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