Never Stop Learning: A Roundup

Hi, all! I’m back with a quick update + roundup of current favorites. And see you next weekend at MIBF, yes? Read through the end. 😉

As a creator, it’s important to immerse in new learnings every now and then. I find that my curiosity in different topics really helps me get a glimpse of how things work in the world (in general). You’d think by now that I’m doing lettering as a career, have written books and published a magazine that I’m pretty much done with learning new things. But no, learning never stops. And of course, aren’t we all Students of Life? 😀

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Funny enough, recently my interests have shifted to a ton of other things that make me question (my existence, maybe) a lot of things. I may have graduated from school already (ack, old age hits) but the best source of learning is and always will be outside the four walls of the classroom. And of course, experience. Nothing beats it.

I’m sharing a few of my favorite sources of learning for the past couple of months. Actually, since I’ve been in Manila (aka travel-free lol) last August, I’ve been reading a lot, watching a lot, listening a lot. There have been a few things that I had to sort out mid-2017 and it surprisingly gave me the best luxury I could ever wish for: more free time. Yay! So, here are a few of the things I want to share with you that I’ve been learning and gaining insights from over the course of the last quarter. 🙂


Here’s what’s on my desk this week.
My current reads are self-help and travel-related. Not much creative books since I’ve been investing more time learning other things for a change (also, I just finished writing another techniques-based lettering book so yeah, I need a break from that!). I’ve been reading Originals on and off, and it’s very interesting. My favorite would be Keri Smith’s The Wander Society (a must read!), and the beautiful layouts inside The Stylist’s Guide to NYC (thanks Val for lending me this!).

Van Gogh is my favorite artist so getting this VVG book (thanks Tricie!) was a treat. I have a couple of travel guides here that I have yet to finish (including the brightly colored NYT one which is also #layoutgoals) before I leave, and that “Travel Pad” book is my visual reference for new merch I’ve been brewing up for the shop.



Podcasts / Talks:

Picking out a few favorites from Good Life Project, Being Boss, and TED Radio Hour. Been on a deadline spree the past couple of weeks so listening to these really helped feed my knowledge while drawing or painting.

Good Life Project | How Kindness Boosts Health. Waiting for a Sign. click to listen

I’m one of those people who believe in signs. Haha. If it’s the right person, the right timing…you know the drill. This episode made me feel more comfortable in waiting, and knowing whether “signs” really exist or not.

Good Life Project | Elizabeth Gilbert: Curiosity and the Passion Fallacy. [Best Of]click to listen

Because of this episode, I learned that staying curious is much more important than staying passionate (her TED talks are also very insightful). I love eavesdropping on beautiful conversations and this exchange between Elizabeth Gilbert and Jonathan Fields (host of GLP) is just A+.

Being Boss | Energetic Boundariesclick to listen

I especially loved this episode because it talked about how to create your own boundaries in a world full of connections. #relate!

TED Radio Hour | Success click to listen

What I like best about TED Radio Hour is that they extract some thoughts from different talks and present a range of perspectives on a specific topic. Of course, this one was my favorite! Thanks to one of my podcast-loving friends, Maka, for recommending this.


Disclaimer, I don’t really listen to top hits (except when my favorite artist/s release new music). Here are a few that are currently on repeat on Spotify. Don’t forget to follow me (Abbey Sy) if you like my curated playlists! 🙂

Freedom Child – The Script

Okay, my two cents on this album: it’s not as great as the previous ones (Science & Faith is my forever favorite) but it’s good. Songs are pretty catchy (not digging the EDM vibe on some tho, like Rain!) and it’s nice that they shifted the theme to something else other than love and heartbreak. But, to be fair, I still wished they retained some love songs because that’s where their distinct sound shines.

Side note: spontaneous me booked a ticket to their New York concert! I’m not crying…even if it will be my third time seeing them live. #fangirlmuch

Anyway, take a listen below and let me know what you think!

ABCDiscover – Playlist

Every Monday there’s a Discover Weekly playlist which Spotify curates especially for each of us. I found most of these from my own Discover Weekly and some from Koko’s KokoJam (which is still my favorite indie playlist to date).

Educational Videos:

My favorite hobby apart from watching talks online or discovering new music is viewing educational videos. It fascinates me how you can consume and learn something new in just 5 minutes. These pockets of educational content are what we need in a sea of content on our screens, tbh. My favorites are School of Life and TED-ed.

How To Process Your Emotions

I loved this because I have a tendency to not try to feel a certain way because I know it’s not “accepted”. This gave me a better understanding of why we act like that.

The Philosophy of Stoicism

Always been interested in philosophy and this is my favorite! It’s about being complacent with what you have. 🙂 Haven’t done further research though, but that’s something I’ll be looking up on in the coming weeks during my free time.

Okay so that rounds up my current “consumptions”. Haha. Check out my past roundups here. Planning to do more of these posts both here and on YouTube — whatcha think?

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