En Route: Out and About

10:23AM / Korea Time / Subway Line 2 / Seoul, South Korea


I’m taking the train to Gangnam as I type this out on my phone, then eventually transferring it to Evernote…and then for publishing here on this blog. Usually, I like to check out the window view when in transit — but I failed to realize that Gangnam is still 10 stops away (a total of 20 from where I’m staying). So here I am trying to make sense of how things have been lately as I have been out and about for the past couple of months.

No updates on the blog always means I’m busy, or I fail to comprehend my thoughts for a specific time period. This holds true, though — I’ve been getting rusty in many parts of my job, especially drawing. I’m working on things that will test my ability to adjust with standards, and slowly accepting the fact that I should live with my deadlines, and not be afraid of it.

How’s life, you ask? Weird. It has been really weird. It’s like my brain has been wired to think better, and make decisions that will ultimately make or break me. But it’s a good thing: feeling scared and not knowing what will happen. I’ve been on a rough patch recently, trying to figure out whether or not things will be okay.

The reason why I love train rides so much is I get suspended for an amount of time not having an exact destination. It’s like a breeding period of some sort: either I think about the past, reflect on my ~experiences~, or just a random brainstorming session of future ideas I plan to implement. How funny is it that while I’m here in Korea, my thoughts still are at home, in the Philippines. Wondering about who, what, where.

Speaking of where, I’ve been to 4 non-stop trips since June: Singapore, Singapore (again), Bangkok, and then this — Busan & Seoul. I’m reminded of Life in Transit this time three years ago (me & Tricie’s backpacking adventure last 2014)! Glad to know my next trip is still a few months away (in my dream destination, no less), but it’s given me more reason to love traveling even more.

Singapore (or #ABCngapore, rather!) was amazing, as usual: there’s nothing like finding home in the presence of good company (Thanks, Mikka and Peter!) — and getting to teach in my favorite country, no less. (Thanks Faber-Castell Singapore for the opportunity!)

The second trip was a #YOLO one, or rather a YAYOI-LO one (thanks Koko!) and it was one of the best SG trips I’ve had. There was this week I was impulsively deciding on a lot of things (such as: booking this trip and buying a ticket to Ed Sheeran’s concert. #YOLO) and I’m laughing at myself, now that I look back. You only really live once, anyway.

Bangkok was an adventure with my best friend, including, but not limited to: getting lost, walking in the dark streets at night, and getting locked out of our airbnb for 3 hours (or more). But I’m missing coconut ice cream and my daily dose of Thai milk tea.

Korea was an impulse booking. Again. A few days after feeling like my world has (slightly) lost a part of it (did that make sense? Let’s pretend it did), I was having coffee with my aunt and we decided to book a trip to Busan on the spot. Little did I know this place would leave such a huge mark on me.

Buildings by the beach, quaint villages filled with art and culture, peaceful neighborhoods and safe, walkable roads at any time of the day — that’s Busan for me. Not to mention cheap street food and convenience store dinners that fill you up, no less. Late sunsets, chilly nights, and peaceful Sundays eating bingsu with a view.

And then there’s Seoul — a favorite, a trap, mostly (for shopping!) and a stopover before transitioning back to the fast-paced city life in Manila. Hello from me earlier today at the Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in Garosu-gil, Gangnam. (Yes, that’s me all decked out in millennial pink. I have fallen in love with this hue, lol)

I wish I could sit down and finally document all my trips. But for now, here’s a little tip: if you’re like me who’s constantly restless about settling in one place, take some nice trips and go out and about. You’ll be surprised how amazing it feels to explore new places and see things in a different light. Because that’s what I did, and I’m more than excited to head home later, and dive into a new wave of work. After all, “new” is not an unfamiliar term in my dictionary. 😛


PS: I have so much backlog posts — Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Korea! AHHH. If there are things in particular you’d like me to talk about on my future blog posts, do leave a comment below!


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