Life in Film: Volume 01


I remember picking up my first disposable camera last 2014. It was something that would be least noticeable in a sea of items inside a crowded souvenir store in Kyushu, south prefecture of Japan. Nevertheless, I picked it up, played with it, and I’ve found myself snapping away in every trip I brought my camera.

Years later, I still find myself buying a few disposable cameras here and there, and it’s always surprising to see the different shots taken, the immortal memories, and all that grain. Graaaain! 😀

Today, I’m sharing a photodump of my favorite photos from 2015-2017, from my two disposable cameras. Plot twist: I completely forgot where I brought my Kodak. I just know my Fujifilm one contains all Tokyo photos from my recent trip.

Below is a repository of dailies, snippets from travels, and accidental photos that I forgot I took. Nevertheless, enjoy!

Always making art in transit

Denmark and Finland in snaps

Commute lyf~

Two of my favorite people <3

Fundamental fix!

Light source: T-site’s photogenic restrooms

Coffee and shopping errday

Of flower park visits and Wisteria ice cream

Neighborhood sightings in Tokyo

Remnants of summer in Balesin Island

Always my favorite view. Can’t believe it won’t be the same anytime soon~

In case you’re asking:

  1. I buy my disposable cameras in Singapore and Japan. Popular brands are Fujifilm (also Fujicolor, which is more expensive but photo quality is better) and Kodak.
  2. I have them developed at YKL Color Laboratory in Sto. Domingo Avenue, Quezon City. (It’s inside Wonder Photo Shop) I also have it burned into a cd so I can access the digital files.
  3. Do know that disposable cameras are “disposed” after development. So no attachments.

Hope you enjoyed this photo diary! 🙂


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