Workshop Weekend in Singapore

I was so tempted to make this another En Route post BUT I realized I’ve been to Singapore way too many times, so…maybe no. Lol. Also, this weekend was strictly for work and we didn’t have lots of things planned (aka the gap time was really intended for sleeping/resting. Like true titas.)

Tippy has been my officemate for quite some time now. We laugh at this “officemate” thing because we don’t really work beside each other — sometimes we talk over the phone about work/collabs or meet up for coffee (and bonding with le godson Riley). But I realized we never actually got to travel (because we became close during her pregnancy last year). Anyhoo, it was nice to travel to SG with a kindred soul who is equally as passionate with art & design (or maybe more) with me…

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because the moment we stepped out of the hotel on our first day, we ended up in Basheer Graphic Books. *laughs hysterically*

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Anyway, apart from that, we conducted our first overseas Letters & Colors workshop at The Untitled Space. Still amazed at how this random collaboration ended up branching out to 3 workshops + one in Singapore. 😀


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Saturday went by so fast; we spent a whole afternoon geeking out on letters and colors. I had so much fun meeting all these lovely students!

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Above is a proper photo w/ Tippeh…after several attempts of having a proper photo (we almost always meet up looking like zombies because of deadlines tbh). Lol.

On Sunday, I spent the morning teaching a batch of students my basic lettering class. It was refreshing to be teaching again and most especially expounding on the technical side of type — most of which really is the core of what I teach. Everyone was so skilled! 🙂


Lol after my shift, I ended up shopping at Art Friend and…napping in the hotel…*no shame*

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We also met up with Jo of The Letter J Supply. Always lovely chatting with her!

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We were rushing to the airport on Monday so the quickest thing we did was visit the National Gallery Shop. Below is our attempt to take a decent photo. (told ya. Lol) It was raining the whole day so that made things a bit more stressful.


You can check out more of our workshop weekend with the video below (I swear, I took more footage than actual photos. For a change? Haha)

I’m slowly updating my YouTube channel, so hope you can hop on there and check it out as well: 🙂

Rolling out a few announcements in the coming days in time for the holidays, so keep posted for updates 😀