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Hello, people of the world!

It’s a Thursday afternoon, aka the time of the day I’m supposed to be working (but I’m not) and chasing all the work that needs to be finished before flying out again tomorrow. I’m starting this new series called “Dailies” on the blog to give myself room to just write about anything under the sun (no drafts!). Life has become really structured recently and while I’m still on the verge of trying to be a responsible adult, it feels good to let loose sometimes.

This week has been really disheartening in terms of world news and local news here in the Philippines. And while I’m not the most opinionated person out there, I feel really sad and disappointed about things. But again, the best we can all do is to be positive and fight for what we believe in — so hopefully things will get better. 🙂

On another note, I’m just using up a few minutes of today to share a bit of random things lately in my ~life~. Here goes.

For the first time this year, October was surprisingly chill. There were blank days on my calendar, I had a good chunk of time working on personal stuff and planning things for 2017.

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Funny how there were days where I’d sleep a full 8 hours and then there would be bursts of productivity aka no sleep. I remember one night I decided to have coffee at 10PM (wow, self) and spent the next few hours dissecting each magazine I had laid out on my desk…I mean, bed. Haha.


Sometimes I still need to pinch myself with the fact that I’m living my dream job. It sounds so promising and amazing, but the nitty gritty things that never gets shared on social media is not as dreamy as it sounds. This job requires me to constantly think ahead, plan ahead, and have an idea of what I can possibly do in the future. The best part though is that there are no limits. 🙂

It was great to meet my readers from Cebu during the NBS Color & Calligraphy Fair last October 22-23. I was rotting here in Manila (lol) and it felt good to fly out for a weekend and forget some stuff here.


We also had some sidetrips — Tricie (my manager/friend/big sister) and I went to YOLK for brunch (the interior tho! photo below was taken there) and dropped by bookstores because we have our priorities (aka book shopping). 😀

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I just had to share: while I was checking out books at the art section of Fully Booked (in Cebu), the girl beside me was holding a copy of Urban Sketching Handbook: Architecture & Cityscapes (my fave urban sketching book) and my book The ABCs of Journaling. Lol. I wanted to tell her I could sign it for her but that sounded creepy…and eventually in the cashier, I was behind her while she was paying. But no, I didn’t get to sign it. But it was great seeing people finding interest more in journaling nowadays. 🙂

On the last week of October I went to Korea with ze family. My sister is studying for a few months there so we paid her a visit!


You can just imagine my awe seeing real autumn leaves — it’s my favorite season and most of my colors are reminiscent of fall. I’ll share more about my trip soon (which was work-free BUT tiring) but in case you’re wondering where to go stationery shopping in Korea, check out this post.


(Above) Yes, that’s me in a hanbok (Korean traditional costume). Ever since wearing a kimono in Kyoto, I have found fascination in wearing these things. It was equally fitting since it was Halloween that weekend, lol.

Meanwhile, my projects recently have been centered on international (!) editorial work (!), something I’ve been wanting to venture into since last year. It’s so funny how one day I say I want to work for x client and they really happen. I don’t know what the universe is trying to tell me but it’s just really…coincidental. Nevertheless, this is a big learning experience for me and I’m really grateful for the opportunities.

I’m also in the middle of editing my third book, coming out mid-2017. It’s going to be published in the United States (EEP!) and since I’ve been keeping this project on the down-low for so long now, I just thought I had to share. More details soon 🙂

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So, I found out recently that I can never survive a day anymore without coffee, especially when I’m painting. Funnyyy. I’ve been on an on and off relationship with caffeine since I found out how stress and caffeine can kill my system in one go (highly acidic, in other words). Anyway, apart from that, I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately! Here are some of my faves:

Most of the topics I like listening to are about creative entrepreneurship, dealing with a freelance career, and making it as a ~girlboss~ and they’ve all been really insightful. Also a nice accompaniment here ’cause it can get really lonely here at the HQ with me, mostly alone. (Don’t get me wrong, I like my alone time! Just…not all the time.)


Speaking of girlbosses, it’s Young Star‘s 20th anniversary this year and I’m honored to be part of the YS Girl Gang (full article here). I was looking at all these amazing women who made it to the roster…and wondered why I was there. Lol. *I’m not worthy!* Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote on my IG:

It was 2014 when I was starting to carve my own path as a fresh graduate, and slowly discovering what I really wanted to do with my life. Coincidentally, that was the year YS included me on their list of graduates to watch out for (back when typography was just a budding art form here in the Philippines). That period of my life was just the beginning of so many things I never imagined would be possible…and up to this day, it’s always been so overwhelming (the good kind).

Two years later, I’m honored to be a part of the #YSGirlGang alongside 19 lovely ladies 💖 I’m also very much grateful to be able to do what I love and be my own #girlboss at that (hitting that 2 year mark in 2017!). Definitely still learning every day to work harder, stay tougher and be kinder to myself. Happy 20th anniv, Young Star 🎉✨ 

Thank you, YS! I always get goosebumps when I see my name on the paper. I’ve been too busy working that sometimes these things are reminders of why I do what I do, and why it matters.

So, that’s about it for today. I’ve been contemplating on doing a restructuring of blog content in the coming months so there may or may not be a few changes happening here. Check back soon.

On another note, I hope this week’s been doing okay for you so far. We’re in tough times — but we can only hold onto hope and waking up to better days. 🙂


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