The ABCs of Journaling Book Launch

It’s been quite an overwhelming journey since 2016 started—from simultaneously working on 3 books (yes, I worked on three books this year…I don’t know how I survived either) and freelance projects, shifting my job description to being a full-time artist and author (one year and counting!), fighting my internal battles and mini breakdowns this year, to finding a common ground between work, life, and everything in between. *breathes in, breathes out* 

I feel like I’m constantly sprinting and I just got to settle down as I’m typing this. So surreal, but I guess I’ve really been hustling since the year started. And ironically, I think work has been my vice from the moment I decided to pursue this career. No regrets, of course! 🙂

When I turned twenty three this year, I didn’t wish for anything in particular. I just knew that I wanted to continue taking on work that would involve making art and sharing stories in the best way I can. I’m very grateful to have been given such an opportunity to share a piece of my life through my newest book—which is, very aptly, about journaling.


Last September 10, we celebrated the launch of my second book, The ABCs of JournalingWorking on this book for the whole stretch of this year was quite an experience in itself—a rollercoaster of emotions (and feelings!) came into the creation of this second baby. I think, for the most part, a big portion of who I am and what inspires me has been written on each page. Literally, it was definitely one for the books. 😛

Anyway, while I’m still on cloud nine, I’m rounding up a few highlights from the launch in this post. Enjoy! 🙂


I got spaced out on stage during my first book launch. So I promised to really prepare a little thank you speech this time around. Not expected: sudden influx of tears while talking. *Oops* *Feelings*




Here’s an excerpt from my speech: “I wrote this book so I could find that connection that made journaling into who I have become now. And I hope you will find that connection as well, in the way that speaks to you the most.”


A peek at one of the chapter openers, beautifully styled by Aleyn. 🙂



Obligatory “hold up your book and let’s have a photo!” shot. 🙂


I didn’t expect people to be tweeting me at 8:00AM saying they were already waiting for the bookstore to open so they can enter. *Wew, guys*


This year, I decided to invite one of my dear friends, Kaila, to share the stage with me to talk about our mutual love for journaling. Her YouTube videos are a constant source of inspiration for me and funny enough, we both started daily journaling this year when we got our Hobonichis during springtime. 🙂


I shared some of the things I jot on my journals for both daily documenting and travel journaling. (More tips are found in my book, of course!)



Kaila, on the other hand, shared reasons why she journals, showed a few examples of Kawaii journals from the Kawaii PH team, and kept us inspired with her #HobonichiWithMe videos.

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So happy to be able to share our love for journaling together. <3



After the workshop, I started to sign books. I got to sign over 200+ books. Crazyyy. Super duper thanks to everyone who waited in line and had their books signed. Super appreciate the effort. 🙂

By the way, book signing photos can be accessed via this link 🙂


While the workshop was ongoing, of course, I made sure the guests wouldn’t stay glued to their seats. We set up several stations in the venue to satisfy their journaling needs—a craft station, a flatlay station, and a photobooth to document the day’s memories.


The Craft Station was filled with various materials: stamps carved by Life After Breakfast (thanks, Ale!), paper party c/o IFEX Papers, tools from Faber Castell, washi tapes and pins from Hey Kessy, and stickers from Rainbowholic Shop & Little Miss Paintbrush.



Look at all these amazing drool-worthy craft materials! 😀


flatlay_pins craft_stationflatlay_station

There was also a flatlay station because #priorities! So amazed with the styled shots the participants came up with.
Beside it was a photobooth. I had fun designing the props and backdrop that came with it 😛 Guests were also able to take home a polaroid print from the booth! Definitely journal-worthy. 🙂




Most of my friends have never been to any of my events. So glad that most of them were able to come celebrate! 🙂



Hi Gaby, Maine & Gian!


Some of my friends from college. Missed you all! <3


My readers are the best. Most of them, I’ve already seen at my other events…and it was just great to have everyone gather again at my launch. 🙂


The real reason why I wanted to make this launch possible was because of my readers (you guys, if you’re reading this, lol). Hope it was a fun day for everyone who came!


Most of the thank yous have already been written on the Acknowledgements page of my book. But I’d like to give a special shoutout to the following people who have helped in this journey of making my second book:

My core support system: Tricie, my manager, and Kaila, my good friend; Charmie & Ishi of Summit Books for coordinating with me on the event logistics (and for making my launch requests a reality hehe);


To my core editorial team: Editor-in-Chief Macy Alcaraz, and Art Director Alysse Asilo, as well as my mentor / consultant Jaykee Evangelista (not in photo);teamabc

To Team ABC: Aira, Jean, Elay, Alex, Tricie, Trixie – for being super duper game to help out on the launch;


To my family, for always supporting my endeavours. Pictured here: my cool mom and aunts. 😛


And of course, Shutter Panda, for capturing the beautiful photos, and Gelo Yellow for the video diary (which is coming soon!) – I’m looking forward to see it!

Thank you to my publisher Koko Ko, and to Summit Books, for believing in me;


And most of all, to everyone who have showed their love and support for my second book—


from the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you. My heart is very full. <3

May you find joy in reading, documenting, making art, and sharing stories. Enjoy the journey!

Abbey 🙂

Photos by Shutter Panda & Aira Dizon

PS: Recap of the launch c/o Chinatown TV below!

And also, thanks Kaila for sharing your Manila video diary 🙂