Tips on Daily Journaling

If you’ve been following my posts (on Instagram, mostly), I’ve recently rekindled my love for documenting daily – and for good reason. My work schedule has been crazy since last year, and I found this to be a way for me to appreciate my day-to-day activities and being grateful in the process of creating.

Today, to end the #ABCsBookChallenge (Day 21 is, yes, create a journal page), I’m sharing a few tips on the said topic – I realized I’ve been keeping journals for more than 10 years now (gasp), but I kept hopping on different styles to find a method that was convenient for me. So here are some tips to get you started on your own journal. 🙂


Use what you have

I collect washi tapes, stickers, and lots of memorabilia (calling cards, tickets, etc) from daily events and experiences. I also happen to have an arsenal of pens here for work, so those are the materials I often use for my spreads. They’re simple and easy to find. I also strategically placed them in boxes and containers so I just whip them out when it’s time to journal (which, by the way, for me, happens early in the morning or late at night).

For those asking: my current journal is a Hobonichi (A6 size) which I got in Japan 🙂

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Choose what to share

Since this is a personal journal, you have the capability to write and share about anything you want. My suggestion is to draw out important parts of the day you want to share. Did you find something interesting? Any exciting news you received today? Or maybe you’d like to share a few anecdotes about a certain experience? It’s your call.

In a nutshell, my daily pages contain: a film / album I listened to, what I did, what unusual thing I did, and a short takeaway from how my day went.

(Yes, there are days that I just write on it. No artsy crafty stuff – I like to play it up sometimes.)


Get crafty & creative

The fun part about using stickers and other craft materials is that you get to play dress-up of some sort. Sometimes I can choose to make themes based on colors (maybe a red and black combo, a vintage all-brown spread? something like that) or patterns – but normally, I don’t like thinking about it too much.

There really are no limits to creating what you want and coming up with new ideas to jazz up your pages. Just remember: don’t overthink too much. No pressure!


Limit your font choices

A tip for letterers out there: try to keep your fonts limited to around 2-3 styles. This creates uniformity for the page. I also like to use 1-2 colors only to make everything look cohesive. If you’ve seen some of my type-heavy journal entries (a sample above), you’ll also notice that I follow grids or keep it in straight lines – this is for convenience, of course. You can also opt to change the size and shape of your letters to fit certain areas of your spread.

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The best part about lettering your journal spreads is the convenience of using any pen you want – fineliners, ball pens (yes, the regular ones), markers, or brush pens. I personally use a fineliner pen in thin weight to make sure I get all the details of my letterforms.

You can add small elements and doodles to complement your letters as well. Get creative!

5_Week 10 WIP


News flash – my journal is inconsistent. In fact, I’ve kept so many journals that were half-finished, or were in different formats. And that’s perfectly fine, because it allows you to experiment on whatever style you want to try. Some days, I’d fill a spread full of photos and stickers; on others, doodles – it really depends.

These days though, I mostly find myself printing photos (I have a photo printer at home) and putting stickers on most pages. Yay for instant decorative pages, lol. I also have a habit of keeping notes from friends (which I eventually stick on the pages) and other random things I end up saving on a specific day.

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5_Week 10

Anyway, hope these tips helped in some way! I’d also love to know how you chronicle your daily events. Leave a comment below 🙂

[EDITED: November 2016]

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