Journal Roundup: Volume 1

Starting a new column on the blog called “Journal Roundup” – aka, an attempt for me to document daily and make something out of my personal journal. 🙂

Most of my friends tell me I’m a thoughtful person – I guess I really value the littlest things, and that I’m most proud of. I’d take a quick coffee catch-up over some fancy dinner, or even a small note of thanks over a huge gesture of gratitude. That’s probably why I value the things that make up the totality of who I am – and what better way to do that than to keep these memories in a tangible book?

I’ve kept journals for the longest time; ever since I was thirteen, it became my outlet of daily musings, dreams, goals, bucket lists – and many more. All my dreams have been written on every piece of notebook I owned. And it still feels surreal to know that some of them have actually come true as I’m typing this.

Anyway, enough about that – here’s a roundup of my entries inside my Hobonichi. 🙂

Quick back story: I got myself a Hobonichi supposedly for “work research” (no kidding) but I decided to scrap that and really commit to sharing a bit of how every day’s been going for me. Ideally, I’d just bullet all my favorite days; but I decided that this time, maybe it would be nice to value each day as it is. 🙂

I didn’t want to have to draw every day or even do lettering. I just wanted to keep things compact and make some sort of creative craft activity every day so I am hoping this journaling thing satisfies that. Don’t get me wrong though; I didn’t take photos of all the pages because the others are for my eyes only. Hehe. These are some of my favorite spreads, though! Enjoy. 🙂

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April 2016, Week 1

This journal was purchased out of impulse (with Kaila), but no regrets. Initially, I had no idea what I wanted it to look like. Then again, I realized I should just let things take its course. 🙂

Also: I watched The Little Prince and it hit me right where I needed to be hit. That was a feels trip film – I am not over it.

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April 2016, Week 2

My last weekend in Japan was bittersweet but memorable. I wish I could remember every “note to self” we had during our “creative breakout sessions” but I’d like to believe they’ve all been injected into my system. 🙂

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April 2016, Week 3

This was a nerve wracking week for me as I spent 80% of the week out and about. If you know me personally, this is something I rarely do (that being said, you would know how much of an introvert I am). Meetings, talks, workshops all in 7 days – I gave up on the last day of the week. No joke. Nevertheless, such a fulfilling experience.

Also: It’s pretty obvious that I like this hand-lettered format better as it saves the hassle of crafting. Then again, my hands ached after doing this. Lol.


April 2016, Week 4

A week full of questions and deadlines and works in progress – and the easiest thing I could do was jot down 5 things that made my day unique & memorable. Case in point: when someone actually asks if you’re still alive after working on x deadlines (huhu), or when you constantly replay a playlist for no apparent reason, or when you accidentally get some tough love at 10 in the morning, on a Monday (yep, on a Monday!).

Also: Thank you Dom for my portrait stamp (!!!) and Alessa for the Abbey Sy logo stamp. 🙂

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May 2016, Week 1

I was joking around and asking my publisher a few months back if we could have a signing in Cebu or Davao…and a week later, SM Lanang Premier asked if they could fly me to Davao for said signing. Call it coincidental, or maybe just ~fate~, but I had a great weekend meeting some readers in Davao. Not to mention a really fun couple of days with Koko and Jean, who took care of me the whole time. (Huhu, thanks!) More on this soon on another post 😀

Also: I bought a box of pomelos and of course, I had to keep at least a sticker. ~ephemera~ lolz

I was wondering – anyone here starting out journaling? Or have you kept journals over the years? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂



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