On Settlements

I’ve never been one to settle (“Never Settle” has always been a part of my list of creative mantras”). I think moving has always been part of my DNA – moving jobs, traveling every so often, and constantly looking for another way to change an aspect of my work are just some things to prove that aspect.

Maybe the idea of settling never appealed to me, being a constant type A go-getter OC person (yup, that’s all me). I always believe there’s something better if you take bigger steps to get to new destinations.

This is the second time I’m writing a “hello and welcome to my new home” post – I’ve moved to artistic-dreams.com last November 2014 in the hopes of further building my dreams and working towards becoming a full-time artist. Fate was kind enough to recognize that, and two years later, here we are. 🙂

A website like this was always a dream I never thought possible. But late last year, I realized that it’s time to actually make one. It came to a point where after all the projects I’ve worked on sort of made itself into the ABC picture, I didn’t have a place to showcase them properly. Keeping my work displayed in external platforms just didn’t make sense; I needed a home. And a functional one, at that. There were also concerns about the things I do – what are you, an artist? a teacher? an author? a blogger? a letterer? Do you just paint all day and post your work?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.47.38 AM

Well, I hope this website answers all your questions. I’ve written down every single piece of information you need in my About page & FAQ, updated my Portfolio in the best way possible, as well as revamped my Workshops page. I’ve also created pages for my babies (published work): The ABCs of Hand Lettering & Letters from ABC, and the shop will be in full swing very soon for both local & international residents.

It feels surreal to actually write this post – I’ve been hiding under artistic-dreams for six long years, after trying to decipher what sort of “artistic dreams” I really wanted to fulfill in this lifetime. Thanks to everyone who witnessed my journey / The Road to ABC – it’s still ongoing and I’m still a work in progress. But I’m hoping this website gives me security to settle and a new reason to be more grateful every day.

A list of thanks:
  • Clients & brands I’ve worked with as a freelance artist & author: for believing in me since day one, for all the learnings, and for the opportunities
  • My workshop students and readers: for all the support, for appreciating my work, for always being there
  • My family & friends: for keeping up with my life and supporting my creative endeavours


A list of (more) thanks, especially for the development of this website:
  • Mary Silvestre for coding this website and being super patient with me (tech noob here lol)
  • Katsy Garcia for art direction
  • Tin Villanueva for being my videographer (and good friend) since day one
  • Aidee Tan & Mikka Wee for putting some of the words together
  • Shutter Panda (Karen & Mare), Maine Manalansan & Ber Garcia for the photos and visual assets
  • Reese Lansangan for your inputs while this was still on BETA mode
  • Friends & mentors: Tippy & Pong of Googly Gooeys, Kaila, Koko, Jaykee – just some of the people who help keep me sane throughout this road to ABC thing. Thank you for always believing in my artistic (and human, lol) capabilities.
  • Tricie Amador, who has been managing me for more than a year now, for supervising this project and helping me out in every work task for ABC, and for always listening to my crazy ideas & making them work


Alright, guess I won’t let you read any longer. Hope you enjoy browsing through this website. It’s still not 100% finished as I’ll be adding a few more things in the coming weeks but I hope you guys like it! This blog will be constantly updated with life stuff, announcements, my travels, and art advice, like always. Let me know what you think of the website in the comments below!

Best, Abbey

photos by Shutter Panda