Abbey Sy 2020

I’m an artist and author with hand lettering and creative journaling as my focus.

With my Always Be Creating mantra, my mission to help others to discover ways on living a creative life through my books, classes, and online resources.

As an artist and author, I'm deeply passionate about:

I’ve worked on freelance projects, wrote and illustrated bestselling books on hand lettering and journaling, and currently run a stationery shop. I’m also in the process of discovering myself through painting as my artistic practice.

Traveling fuels my creativity and inspires me to keep exploring the world. My best ideas come from train rides and chartering new territory. The En Route series on my blog is a testament to the way I see travel and adventure.

I love sharing stories. My YouTube channel is full of tutorials and vlogs on my creative pursuits, my Instagram is all about my artventures, and my Patreon is a community where all of these aspects come together—and more.

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